Thursday, September 25, 2014

friday favorites

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

It’s Friday again—TGIF!! And I’ve got a random list of favorites to discuss :)

FAVORITE ONE: Being a boy mom.

On Saturdays, we get to do things like go to Lowe’s and hammer together little wooden toys with tiny nails. This particular Saturday, we got to visit the Walmart parking lot to “Touch the Trucks”. I’m proud that I’ve actually learned the names of these trucks and can identify them as we drive around town—bulldozer, excavator, cement mixer, crane, dump, tow. Nolan got to climb into some of these, plus a fire truck, semi, and John Deere! It was a red letter day :)


And then we ran into Walmart and bought some donuts. So predictable… :)

FAVORITE TWO: Fall is here.

I am really not that happy to see fall, but it sure is beautiful! I will miss the summer sun, my sleeveless shirts, and the long bright nights. But there are things I won’t miss—like bug bites, which I currently have too many of.

And fall means we get to go on walks with hoodies. I do like this! :)

Speaking of fall, the camo is a little excessive in this area. Oh, hunting season. Piece of trivia: The kids here don’t have school on the first day of deer season. It is a holiday!

FAVORITE THREE: Hot chocolate, again. And popcorn.

I know I’ve mentioned my daily love of hot chocolate before. But my Walmart stopped carrying my brand of choice (Land O Lakes)! I have since found it on, and I order in bulk. Mmm!

I am basically always homesick for Chicago, so when I see things that claim to be “Chicago Style”, I impulsively buy. This caramel and cheese popcorn really does remind me of Garrett’s. Now if only I could find some Chicago pizza out here! (Or even better—find a recipe close enough :)

FAVORITE FOUR: New Toms Desert Wedges

I talked about these on Wednesday, but I’ll say again, these are my new favorite shoes!

We went to a wedding on Saturday, and I wore them for the first time. They instantly made my outfit fun!


It was a beautiful day! (Congrats Brandon & Julia!)


And FAVORITE FIVE: Eugene Cho’s new book “Overrated”.

I wrote about it yesterday, and am giving away a free copy. If you want to get motivated about doing the Lord’s work, it’s an inspiring read. Check out the giveaway here..

Hope you’ve enjoyed your week! Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Being a boy mom is amazing!!! You are so pretty!

  2. My little guy is 2 and I am with you....being a boy mom is fun! My eldest is a girl (7) and she's soooo dramatic. I really loved your post today, its my first visit from the link up. I cannot wait to check out more! PS I'm a Walmart junkie myself! Have a great weekend!

  3. stopping by from the link up!! that popcorn looks amazing. PS. I'm a girl mom so I don't know half the names of those trucks!

  4. I am dying laughing at your bulk hot chocolate. That is awesome.

    Jim loves walmart donuts. They're surprisingly good!

  5. Oh my gosh, yes to all of this! I love being a boy mom fun that you got to ride on all those trucks! My little guy would be in heaven!

  6. Who knew being a boy mom could be so much fun? I had no idea what I was getting myself into but I love every minute of it. have a great weekend!

  7. Being a boy mom rocks and I love that "Touch the trucks" event. I had never heard of that before! You are too funny ordering your hot chocolate in bulk! LOL
    Stopping by from the Friday Favorties linkup!

  8. Touch a truck events are always fun! I love hearing "Oh WOW!" and "Mommy look at that!" :) I don't really like donuts, but I seriously need to get to Walmart and try those bad boys! They look amazing!
    Loving those booties you received! So cute on you! I have wedge booties on my Christmas list :)

  9. Love your Toms!!! And those big trucks are SO COOL!!! Yay for Fall!! Have a great weekend!

  10. Happy weekend Rachel! For your bug bites I recommend dabbing some arnica gel on them. It stops the itching and dries them up fast, at least for me. Make sure you get the gel not the type mixed with petroleum jelly. You can find it in health food stores.

    1. Thanks Laurie! I am definitely remembering this! Nothing but ice stops the itching for me, so I'm willing to try anything :)

  11. Stopping in from the link-up... My son LOVES touch a truck events! I have not heard about Overrated before, I think I'll have to check it out now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  12. I have a lot of things to say today :)
    1. Being a boy mom definitely rocks!
    2. I need to check out one of those Lowes/Home Depot workshops. I think my 4 year old would love it!
    3. Those donuts are from Walmart?? I've never seen any donuts this cool at my Walmart!
    4. Love your Toms. I almost got the same pair but went with the green leopard fleece botas. I actually blogged about them in my Friday favorites today too!
    5. Have a great weekend!

  13. I live in a town where Land o Lakes has its headquarters! WE LOVE LOVE LOVE their hot chocolate! Every fundraiser or event we go to, and they have a LOL basket-- cheese, butters and Hot Chocolate!

    1. That's so fun that you live by Land o Lakes! It truly is the best hot chocolate!!

  14. I am really intrigued by the Land o Lakes hot chocolate - I've always been a Swiss Miss fan but I've never given Land o Lakes a try. I'll have to see if I can find some!


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