Tuesday, September 9, 2014

our room

Welcome to Steve’s and my bedroom (and Ephraim’s for the time-being, too). I really like having E close to me, and I know he feels the same way :)

When Steve first saw the house when the former owners were living here, it was an office.

The former owners moved out, and we tried to decide which room should be the master bedroom. All four of the bedrooms looked exactly the same size, but this room had a closet that you could walk into. Plus, the closet had a window in it, so I decided it had to be ours. In the winter, we realized that it is the room with the fewest outlets, and it has no heating vents in it! Brr!

Steve refinished the floors. We painted the walls a light lilac color right before we moved in. Just recently, we got rid of the dark green blinds.

I love our headboard since my dad made it.

For some reason, a previous owner had taken down the shelving in the closet. Steve found one piece in the attic, propped against a wall and rightly deduced that it was half of the shelf. The other half had been used as flooring in a crawlspace in the attic! (I don’t know how he even found it!) He refinished them, and reinstalled them a couple months ago, and I am loving having the extra clothes space. Steve uses the closet in our extra bedroom for his clothes. We also have a dresser that is usually in our room, but it is in process of getting a new coat of paint.


Found two of these cute prints here. I made the other two.

I’m linking up with Andrea for the “Come On In” series. Click through my “Come On In” label to see all the rooms we’ve done so far. :)

AND today is my little man’s THIRD birthday!! I can’t believe it! Did you catch his donut party yesterday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOLAN BRUCE! We love you!

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  1. I absolutely love your floors! And a closet with a window? Jealous! I think we painted our bedroom the exact same shade of lilac! :)

  2. So, do you just not have blinds at all in there anymore? I'm sure the natural light is gorgeous but I like sleeping in a cave ;)

  3. I love the date frame !!! It's a very nice daily reminder of your family's story : )

  4. Such a cozy bedroom! So jealous of your walk in closer (with a window!!!) and those floors are absolutely gorgeous <3


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