Wednesday, September 10, 2014

the donut party guests

On Monday, I posted Nolan’s donut party, but I had too many photos to fit in just one post. Here are the wonderful friends and family who came to party with us! :)

We had quite a few guests drive a good distance to be at the party, and that meant the world to us!


It was a rainy day, so the yard games were moved to the porch. I’m glad we were still able to do them!
And our youngest guest—less than 2-weeks-old, adorable Lila!

Nolan and Great-Grandpa Jack! (Steve’s dad’s dad).


Since it was rainy, the lighting wasn’t great, so most my photos of the kids playing are blurry. Oh well! :)

It meant so much to us that you all came (plus a few of you who managed to stay out of the photos!) Our house was a crazy place towards the end of the party, so we didn’t end up unwrapping gifts until later. Nolan LOVED all of his new toys and games. He’s been playing with them for days now :)


  1. Looks like such a nice day, and a very nice party!!

  2. Again it looks like such a great time! And that last photo of Nolan...he sure is one happy boy! What a great day!

  3. I always love your photography!!! You really capture the moment without it feeling staged. Great party!!! Nolan is lucky to have a mommy that would throw him such a special party!

  4. Great Post and Awesome Pic's as usual. We are so sad we missed Nolan's celebration this year... Looks like he was tons of fun serving donuts and everything : ) We need to get the boys together soon....


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