Friday, February 6, 2015

Friday Favorites

Hello Friday! Whew, I get really excited for Friday mornings. In actuality, my Fridays aren’t much different than every other day as a stay-at-home mom, but there is just something more fun and relaxing about it! This week brought some challenges—first, feeling under the weather on Tuesday, and second, trying to teach a three-year-old how to share with his little brother. (It’s such a hard lesson for him! Tips appreciated.) This weekend, we don’t have any parties or Superbowls, so I’m hoping we can get a lot of work done around the house.

On to the favorites. . .

Nolan and I had fun celebrating Groundhog’s Day on Sunday and Monday! We read a “Punxsy Phil” book over and over again, we had a cute themed lunch, and we treated ourselves to milk chocolate groundhogs. I love that he is starting to get really excited about holidays! I’ve been waiting for this stage.

Yesterday, Astleigh and I hosted our “Every Girl Link-Up” to share our Valentine Touches around the house. I LOVED looking at everyone’s pretty décor! I think the best decorations are simple ones. All you really need is a few flowers and some pink and red candy!

I had a few questions about my brown kraft paper roll. We bought the roll at Lowe’s (it’s in the paint aisle). Steve then built the rack for it out of some poplar wood that he had lying around. The dowel was from Lowe’s as well. We stained the rack in “walnut” :)

In case you missed Monday’s post, I talked all about the details of Ephraim’s Peter Rabbit 1st Birthday Party. It was so much fun, and I find myself sad that it’s over!

In the past week, E has started walking a little bit! He is definitely one now :)


A new favorite—Candy Melts!

In prepping for the Peter Rabbit party, I attempted to make Oreo cream cheese balls and dip them in white chocolate that was dyed green. It was a nightmare. The liquid dye ruined the consistency of the chocolate, and I couldn’t get the balls covered nicely. Steve graciously went out and bought me new ingredients, and I tried a second time—using a bag of green Candy Melts. SO. Much. Easier. These little “Lettuce Truffles” ended up being my favorite food of the party!

I used the Candy Melts to dip pretzels, also! It’s easy stuff to work with.


I used to make this favorite dish, “Pad Thai for Two”, all the time when Steve and I were newly married. It’s been so hard to find ever since we moved to a smaller town. I bought four boxes at Wegman’s a couple of weeks ago, and it is so delicious! It only comes with sauce and noodles—so you additionally stir-fry eggs, chicken or shrimp, peanuts, etc. Mmm!

Enjoy your weekend! See you back here on Monday :)

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  1. Oh gawwwd! Sharing!!!! I hear ya sista! I have an almost 4 year old and an 18 month old and let me tell you, sharing in this household is at an all time low. We use a few positive reinforcement strategies but I would love to hear any other tips too :-)

  2. I love coming to your blog every week. You are so talented! I pinned your Groundhog lunch because it is so cute and I love how you connected it to a book. Perfect. Going now to read up on the first birthday party!

  3. I love your themed lunch! My 4 year old has been really enjoying holidays these past few months and I'm loving it too!

  4. I feel the same way about Fridays :)

    And yes! The candy melts work sooo good! I learned that lesson during Abigail's 3rd purple party :)

  5. Fridays really are the best! And I meant to tell you yesterday just how much I love your roll of paper and the chevron arrow you created on it! My office might just need one of these... Have a lovely weekend :)

  6. Love your Friday favorites!
    And I adore your Groundhog Day celebration!
    I recognize those sweet groundhog chocolates...and have had them here myself. Gardners, right?
    We had adorable cookies made with a Punxutawney Phil cookie cutter. : )
    The sharing?
    Well, I am hardly an expert...but after four little ones the one thing I have found that is helpful is redirection.
    Simply redirecting the little one to something else is an easy way to alleviate and avoid the sharing struggle.
    Good luck! : )

  7. I love finding other stay at home mom blogs! :) Looove that Groundhog Day lunch! Too cute!! And as they get older and into holidays it's just awesome :)

  8. Sharing? Yeah...we need some tips on that too! My 5 year old shares so nicely with his friends, but when it comes to sharing with his brother it's an entirely different story! Love your groundhog lunch! So cute!

  9. Such a cute Groundhog's Day lunch!
    I love candy melts! We make chocolate covered pretzels for every holiday!


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