Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Cheer Exchange

Spring Cheer Exchange

Hello blogging friends! Astleigh from Hill Collection and I have decided to do a SPRING CHEER EXCHANGE! If you remember, at Christmastime, we initiated the “Christmas Cheer Exchange”. We sent each other boxes of Christmas-themed goodies, and then we had a link-up to share our gifts with everyone. It was a lot of fun, and we cannot wait to do it again! I am a huge fan of snail mail and fun packages, and this will be a great way to spread some joy and find new blogging friends :)

Here’s how it works:

  • If you currently have a blog of any kind, you will send a box of spring-themed goodies to another blogger. Everyone will receive a different Spring Cheer box from someone other than whom they sent theirs to.

  • When you get your box, you write a little post about it and then join in on our link-up. This way everyone can see all of the Spring Cheer boxes that have been sent!

The specifics:

  • Box should be filled with spring-themed gifts

    • Ideas for that include pretty paper goods, chapstick, paper straws, nail polish, candy, notepads, pens, candles, etc.
    • The price we’ve set for the items in the box is $15 (total of the contents, not including shipping).

    • To sign up, you simply e-mail me at (or Astleigh at and give me your name, mailing address, and link to your blog.

    • Sign up by February 27th, and we will all receive an e-mail with our person’s address on March 2nd.

    • The boxes will need to be sent by March 12th in order to get to the recipient in time.

    • The link-up to share all of our boxes will be Thursday, March 19th!

If you have any questions, shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment below :)

Since it tends to still snow here until April, I am going to need a lot of Spring Cheer!


For inspiration, check out some of the packages I’ve sent in the past:

Out of the Blue Care Package

Box of Sunshine

Trick or Treat Package

Pink & Mint Package

As you can see, I like choosing a color or two and sticking with them for the whole package :)


Come back tomorrow for a fun children’s book giveaway!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a fun idea! I'll be emailing your shortly :)

  2. Do you have to have a BLOG to participate?

  3. Oh my goodness!! I can't wait for this! Emailing you now!

  4. Great idea. Hoping everyone links up for you this time :)


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