Monday, June 10, 2013

21 months!

^^picking up rocks, throwing them, and saying “no no no” because he knows mama disapproves of throwing.

My favorite thing that Nolan has learned this month has been COLORS. It’s so fun that he will bring me toys and proudly tell me if they are orange or blue or yellow. :)

He likes to take two toys in his hands and have them talk to each other.

He will tell me if things are hot or cold—the car in the summer heat is hot, the candle at church is hot, the sippy cup of milk that he put on his face is cold.

At mealtime prayers, he’s been very good at saying “amen” after we pray. In fact, he has even put his toy trains on a plate and made us pray so he could say “amen.”

He still loves putting buckets and boxes on his head and calling them hats. He also puts them on Ivy’s head and calls them hats.

We have some big adventures coming up this month, and I’m excited to discover more new things with him!

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  1. Nolan is so adorable! I love hearing about all that he is learning :)


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