Monday, June 3, 2013

a giant stromboli, decathlon, & zoo | non-stagrams

Our next-door neighbor, Jamie, took us out for a stromboli the other night. He wasn’t joking—the $14 stromboli was enormous. Half of it was enough to feed three adults—and we left the restaurant stuffed!


I brought some Duplos to keep him entertained.

Asleep in the car in Grandma’s driveway.

Listening to Bret Michaels sing “Every Rose Has its Thorn” a couple blocks away from his concert. We could hear it really clearly. And the lights behind us are from the church we got married in :)

Hanging out at the state park.

My MOPS group did a fun “decathlon”. There were events at 12 restaurants downtown: shuffleboard, trivia, cornhole, mini golf, bocce ball, name-that-tune, nerf darts, pool, wii boxing, etc.

My friend Amanda and me.

Our team.

Steve texted me this picture while I was at the decathon. It’s a pretty big deal because he was pushing the stroller and walking the dog at the same time. We have never done this before because Ivy is crazy on walks. But I hear it worked!

He can’t get enough of being outside. He brings me his sandals in the morning and says “shoes” in hopes that we’ll go out.

Our cement porch, all torn up. Hopefully they’ll pour the concrete today and we can use it again.

Our Saudi neighbors brought us dinner again. So nice of them!

Nolan’s second trip to the zoo!

Nice tiger sunglasses!

My friend Jessica got us in free to a family night at the zoo with the company she works for. Her sisters Marissa, Leah, and her mom came as well! These photos were from Jess’s phone—I’ll post the ones I took later this week :)

How was your weekend?

Happy Monday!


  1. That stromboli looks delicious! What kind was it? Love that song too! :)

  2. So nice to get out in the sunshine this time of year :) love the tiger sunglasses!

  3. I can't walk our dog with the stroller either! That's awesome that Ivy did so well.

  4. Stromboli is a favorite at our house... but I've never seen one so huge... wow and YUM! The decathlon looks like it was fun! Your MOPS group is awesome.


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