Friday, June 7, 2013

the zoo

On Saturday, my friend Jessica generously invited us to tag along with her to the zoo. Her company was having a free family & friends night, and we were happy to go! Jessica’s mom, Christine, and her sisters Leah and Marissa drove in from Ohio to join us.

The first time Nolan went to the zoo, he was only 12 months-old. He definitely enjoyed it then, but nine months later, he was able to notice many more animals, and make animal sounds to go with them :)

Steve and Jess swinging a happy Nolan.

He was captivated by the elephants.

He loved the giraffes so much that he said bye to them as we walked away.

This used to be the painted dogs exhibit :(

Jess and Steve getting autographs from a Steeler.

Blue lobster?

The penguin area was super crowded, but when I was next to the glass, a penguin swam up to the window and touched its beak right where my hand was. So cool!

He refused dinner earlier, so he shoveled in tons of s’mores goldfish while we were at the aquarium. That’s a marshmallow in his mouth, not a weird tooth, in case you were wondering.

The peacocks roam freely at the zoo—and we noticed this one on the roof of the aquarium.

Cute little swimmer.

The group : Marissa, Christine, Jess, Nolan, me, and Leah. I can’t believe Leah is taller than me—she was just a little girl when I was her counselor at camp!

We had such a great time! Thanks Jess!!


  1. We love going to the zoo!!! Tell Nolan that the giraffes are my favorite too! :)

    That blue lobster is neat looking!

    Steelers who? Go Cowboys! ;)

  2. The elephant and giraffe exhibits have always been my favorite too! That is pretty awesome that your zoo also has an aquarium! What a fun day!

  3. Great pictures! We bought a pass last year for the Columbus Zoo and it was great! Hoping to renew this year to see what X thinks of everything now that he is a bit older :)

    By the way...BOO Steelers!!!!! GO BROWNS! :)

  4. I can't wait to take Quinn to the zoo. So fun!


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