Monday, June 24, 2013

katie & grant’s wedding

On Saturday, we went to Steve’s cousin Katie’s beautiful wedding. She and Grant have been together for seven years, and were more than ready to tie the knot!

They were married outside on the golf course. Her dress was stunning!

The candy/cookie/dessert table.

Enjoying hors d'oeuvres—moving his cheese from one plate to another.

These were the place cards to find your seat at the reception. The table names were “Butterfly Garden, Zen Garden, Herb Garden, Rose Garden, Tropical Garden, Japanese Garden, Tree Garden”, etc.

The beautiful cake and mini cupcakes made by Grant’s mom.

Our table facing out onto the golf course.

ALL of the flowers and centerpieces were done by Katie’s mom (Steve’s Aunt Debbie). Each centerpiece was unique and amazing. The favors to take home were tiny succulents in silver pots.

Blurry, but still good!

Nolan dancing with his cute cousins!

With my sister-in-law Dana, brother-in-law Phil, and brother-in-law Josh.

Nolan had such a blast!

Thank you, Katie & Grant, for a lovely wedding! We wish you all the happiness in the world. Enjoy your island honeymoon!


  1. Beautiful! The candy bar is such an awesome idea, and the lights under the table were so pretty! :)

  2. looks like a gorgeous wedding, I love outdoor venues!

  3. Beautiful Pictures... Stephen looks more like his brother than my Steven does his!!! :)

  4. so pretty! i love wedding season!

  5. The pic of Nolan moving his cheese from one plate to another cracks me up! I love weddings. Looks like it was beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful ceremony! Also, I'm laughing at how much Steve and his brothers looks alike :)



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