Friday, August 16, 2013

baby bump: 15 weeks

how far along? now 16 weeks!  due January 28th.

how are you measuring? on the sonogram on July 16th, the baby measured 4 days earlier than the due date

size of baby: size of an avocado, 4-5 inches (crown to rump) and 3-5 ounces

heartbeat: 159 bpm at last week’s appointment

total weight gain/loss: + 3 lbs

maternity clothes: I still feel pretty normal-sized, so I’m wearing my regular summer clothes. 

stretch marks: just the ones from Nolan

belly button: never popped out last time, so we’ll see.

sleep: can’t get enough! I am having a really hard time getting out of bed when I hear that Nolan is up. I need to work on going to bed earlier.

movement: I started feeling movement last week! It only happens about once a day, and it’s usually when I’m relaxing on the couch after Nolan has gone to bed. I can feel the baby 2 weeks before I felt Nolan for the first time! Movement is definitely the best part of pregnancy :)

food cravings: I have been enjoying store-bought blueberry muffins and Bagel Bites at night.

food aversions: I finally have my sweet tooth back, and most food tastes normal again. I was having aversions to pretty much everything.

gender predictions? I lean towards girl at this point.

symptoms I have: tired. hungry. itchy skin around my hips. sometimes feel like I could throw up (nausea), but I haven’t at all with this pregnancy (and never did with Nolan).

comparisons to last pregnancy: pretty similar, although definitely a different experience to chase around an almost-two-year-old all day while pregnant.

doctor’s appointment: I’m switching doctors since we moved. It was really hard to tell my wonderful doctor (who delivered Nolan and did surgery on me post-partum) that I wasn’t coming back. He said, “It’s always the good patients that have to leave.” :( But I can’t drive an hour to all of my appointments. And I am excited to meet my new doctor (a woman) in September.

what I’m looking forward to: feeling more consistent movement throughout the day. I am excited to share this pregnancy with one of my closest cousins (she’s due a week before me), a few great friends, and several blog friends as well! It’s exciting to be on this adventure with you! :)

A couple other photos I took in June and July :)

And for comparison’s sake. I did not have a noticeable bump for a long time with Nolan, so it’s true about popping earlier with the second baby. :)


  1. Yay congrats! You're looking great. I will be following your journey as well (I'm due Jan 4th). I love reading every one's experiences as I'm a first time mom!

  2. You look so cute, and I'm so excited for this new blessing your family is getting!

  3. Super cute pics and the orange shorts look great on you :)

  4. Looking great momma! :)

  5. Yay for a little bump!! You look so cute :)

  6. Ahhh I love it !!! You are glowing !!! I can't believe the different in popping from first to second... I'm not looking forward to that part when my second comes :(

  7. How exciting that you can already feel the baby move?! You look so great!

  8. okay so we're about 6 weeks apart :) i swear in the past two weeks i have completely popped. my belly button is half of an outie (which also never happend with my first... i'm actually pretty excited about it!) and my old maternity pants fit again.


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