Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Last week, Nolan and I went for a little trip to see Ligonier. Most of the small towns here have downtowns that contain only a Fox’s Pizza and a Dollar General. But Ligonier has an adorable downtown, and we took a couple hours to explore.

I thought this photo was so cute of us, and then I realized my hair is over his hat!

Settled in the 1760s, the town became a fort in the French and Indian War. In the 1800s, it was connected to the Pennsylvania Railroad, which sparked Ligonier’s industrial development. It also enabled Pittsburgh residents to visit, and the town became a summer resort. It has the 3rd oldest amusement park in the country—Idlewild.

Found my favorite store in town. The toffee is amazing!

I love the orange décor.

Quaint little stores: the first says “Meet Me at the Beach”, and the second, “Rachel’s Ligonier Floral”. :)

We stopped in for some homemade ice cream. But Nolan’s at the age where he doesn’t want to eat unless he’s holding the food or spoon by himself, so when I didn’t let him, it did not end well.

Town squares (I guess this one was called a diamond) with gazebos always remind me of Gilmore Girls!

Fun little day trip!


  1. What a cute little town to explore! Love the pics of course and can totally relate to the ice cream/spoon story :)

    Still love Gilmore Girls! :)

    Hope you are having a great week!

  2. what a fun little place for a day trip! i love the "hello my name is smores" haha. too cute!

  3. How cute! And yes, the gazebo is totally Stars Hollow!

  4. Your hair on his hat makes it that much cuter! I love historic towns with quaint little stores.

    That gazebo totally reminds me of Gilmore Girls too! Awesome :D

  5. that toffee shop looks amazing!

  6. that town is ridiculously adorable!! Looks like so much fun! And that is too funny about your hair over his hat--i didn't notice either until you pointed it out! :)


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