Monday, August 19, 2013

new bathroom floor

We just took our first showers/Nolan’s first bath in our new place! Before we moved in, Steve tore up the linoleum floor in the bathroom. The wood around the tub had major water damage, so he ripped up those pieces. He sanded the whole floor, then milled new flooring, and nailed the new wood into place. Lastly, he stained the wood to match the rest of the floor, and sealed it with a couple coats of polyurethane.


Zoomed in on the linoleum after it was torn up.

Floor after it was sanded.

Little helper.

Here we used a space heater to dry the polyurethane more quickly. (Be careful if you do this as poly is highly flammable.)

Steve also put up new drywall in the bathroom, painted, and tore out the ceiling. At this point, the bathroom is far from being finished, but it definitely is beautiful so far!

Steve just started his comprehensive exams this morning, so no new projects will be accomplished during this busy week :) I’m praying that he works hard and stays stress-free!


  1. Wow! he did an amazing job! It looks fantastic!!

  2. Whoa that floor is gorgeous! You must be so excited. Can't wait to see what other changes you have in mind!

  3. Love the floors! The wood is beautiful!

  4. Awesome job, Steve!! Love the picture of Nolan helping :)

  5. Your hubby is so handy! He did a great job on the floors! Why anyone would want to cover up beautiful hardwoods with linoleum is beyond me, but I'm so glad that y'all were able to bring them back! :)

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  7. That was a huge job just by looking at those pictures! I'm guessing your husband has a background in repair or remodeling because that job looked really complicated. Another reason why I thought he had that kind of background is because the fixed floor looks absolutely great! I don't think a contractor could've done better.


Thank you so much for your comments! I enjoy reading each one!


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