Wednesday, August 21, 2013

oh, summer.

These photos were taken at random times this summer, and never got posted.

Visiting my family in Indiana in June. My cousin Lindsay and her husband Chris announced their first pregnancy while we were eating cupcakes here! Steve and I kept quiet that day, but it was fun to tell Lindsay later that my due date is only a week after hers!

My neopolitan cupcake, Steve’s doughnut cupcake, and Aunt Lori’s orange dreamsicle.

Watching the rain come down.

We bought this ice cream cake to announce to my mom and stepfather that baby number two is coming.

Tasting sweet-potato chips.

My blog friend Hannah in Texas sent me an adorable little package. So sweet of her!

Blowing bubbles with Grandma.

Our friend Alyssa took this photo of him. I love it.

Alyssa also painted these cute little rocks for Nolan. He liked to play in the rocks outside our apartment, so she put them there for him to find :)

My friend Briana threw me a little going away picnic with friends from MOPS. :)

I loved these Mason jar favors at my friend Carmen’s bridal shower.

Moving day.

We’ve taken many trips to Lowe’s in the past few weeks. Nolan loves to pull around these baskets.

Summer, you’re ending soon… but don’t end too quickly because we still have more adventuring to do…


  1. Summer fun indeed!! Love the sweet cake for your announcement to your parents :) Nolan is just the cutest image of both of you guys!

  2. Nolan is so adorable. I love that he pulls the little cart around Lowes. Those cupcakes are amazing.

  3. Such beautiful photos, filled with smiles. Congratulations on baby #2! And those cupcakes!! They look absolutely amazing! =)


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