Friday, September 13, 2013

baby bump: 20 weeks

20 weeks 
how far along? 20 weeks!  I cannot believe that I’m halfway there! due January 28th.

how are you measuring? on the sonogram on July 16th, the baby measured 4 days earlier than the due date

size of baby: size of a banana, about 6.5 inches and 10-11 ounces

heartbeat: 142 bpm at last appointment (seemed a little low to me.) Nolan’s was always super fast. What’s the old wives’ tale about boy/girl heartbeats?

total weight gain/loss: + 9 lbs

maternity clothes: squeezing into my pants, but wearing maternity tanks

stretch marks: using cocoa butter, so hopefully not.

belly button: same

sleep: 7-8 hours at night sure doesn’t feel like a lot! I have been napping every other day or so when Nolan takes his nap.

movement: so fun to feel the kicks and swishes!

food cravings: pizza, chocolate, fruit

food aversions: not really any

gender predictions? I am pretty 50/50 on what I think. I don’t feel convinced either way.

symptoms I have: I have been trying to sit and elevate my legs more because they have felt a little sore, and I’ve noticed some veins popping :( I seem more prone to crying. And my skin isn’t as clear on my face. All lovely things. ;)

comparisons to last pregnancy:  since the 2nd trimester is quite pleasant, it’s close to how i felt with Nolan.

doctor’s appointment: I met my new doctor a week ago. She could not have been sweeter. She’s a mom of four young kids, so I love that she’s been through this before. She believes in more natural medicine, and she couldn’t fathom that my former doctor used forceps at Nolan’s birth.
Also, speaking of switching doctors, I found Nolan a new pediatrician—and he has his first appointment in a couple weeks. Unfortunately on Tuesday, we made our first trip to MedExpress because he has a skin infection on his leg. :(  Our best guess is that it started off as a bug bite. He hasn’t been feeling ill or feverish at all, but the open wound is pretty ugly. He is on antibiotics, and we’re praying that he beats the infection with no more trouble.

what I’m looking forward to: in two weeks, we have our big anatomy ultrasound! It is surreal to think that we will know this huge BOY/GIRL piece of information soon! And then I can start nesting… :)


  1. You look amazing! I'm glad you found a good doctor. Having to switch mid-pregnancy can definitely be scary, but glad it all worked out! I can't wait for you to find out! I vote boy, but only because of the old wives tale about heartbeats. Apparently lower is a boy and higher is a girl. Although, Nolan I guess was the opposite. Just a guess! :)

  2. Yeah, the heartbeat thing is unfortunately a complete myth because mine were always super high (in the 160's), yet it's a boy, haha! So, who knows! I hope you have a little girl, though, so you get one of each (at least). :) You are looking amazing by the way! - Way smaller than me (in a good way). I can't believe you are still fitting into your regular pants...not me! I guess I maybe could, but I would be very uncomfortable. I am actually loving the maternity jeans, though...very comfortable, haha! :) Love you girl!!

  3. When I was pregnant I was reading how good it is to take fish oil, the omega-3s helps with babies developing brain, and as a plus it cleared up my skin! I had problematic skin for several years, I started taking fish oil and like magic my skin became sooooo much better. I still take fish oil and I really notice a difference from when I take it regularly and when I don't.

  4. Hey hey! :) I nominated you for the Liebster award!

    Check out the details if you want to play along!

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