Monday, September 23, 2013

life lately

Time is really flying.
I’m in a little bit of disbelief to see yellowing leaves and 50 degrees.
Nolan is two seconds away from forming sentences. He longs to be so independent. Another mom asked me this week when he turns 3. AH—he just turned 2 two weeks ago! Yes, he must be tall. :)
And this week we get to find out if Nolan is going to have a baby brother or a baby sister!

Yogurt monster.

Nolan absolutely loved the 1-foot-deep pool at the park!

Just resting on the tracks.

He knows all his letters! I didn’t expect him to so early. He has so much fun playing with this new LeapFrog schoolbus that tells him letters and their sounds.


These raspberries are growing in our driveway! I had never picked berries before in my life, let alone in my own yard…amazing to me.

Delicious, too!

He took his new Duplo plane to nap with him. Usually the toys end up outside the crib, and then he falls asleep, but this one stayed with him :)

Checking out the horses at the fair.

Found a Trader Joe’s! They were generous with giving us fun stickers.

I couldn’t miss a chance to go to Olive Garden, so Nolan and I went on our first mommy-son date :)

All of the wait staff had to pass by us to get to the kitchen, and Nolan said “bye” to them every single time they passed. He had the whole restaurant in awe of his cuteness.

Hanging out in the kiddie pool.

Steve saved his birthday gift card for two months so he could buy Star Trek when it came out :) (Didn’t get to see it in theaters.)

He knows what’s good.

We went back to MedExpress to make sure that Nolan’s infection had cleared up on his leg. He’s been off antibiotics now since Friday, and his skin is looking good!

We saw this on our walk the other night…. what kind of bird is this? It was quite surreal to see so close to our house.

This was from Nolan’s birthday. Grandma and I took him to see elk. Unfortunately, we didn’t check the weather ahead of time, and it started pouring when we got there. 

We didn’t get close enough to any elk outside—but we did get acquainted with this huge, stuffed one!


It was a really nice facility. Hoping to go back later this fall when it’s not raining!

Our friends Carmen and Noah got married on Saturday!

We managed to keep Nolan entertained through the service. Here he is putting Mommy’s chapstick on Mini Ivy.

I loved all the details of this wedding. These are the seating cards—which all form into a photo of Carmen and Noah. When they were removed, it was the same photo underneath, but in color.

Parents’ and grandparents’ wedding photos.

The most enormous cookie table. It was three times as wide as this shot.

Loved these candy mustaches!


Our table’s centerpiece.

The head table. Can’t see them very clearly, but the Mason jars have stems like goblets!


Nolan’s favorite part of the wedding—pointing out all the letters on the signs :)

View from the patio of the reception hall.

Blurry but beautiful.

Wedding cupcakes—loved the salted caramel.

They had a fun photo booth, too! The other two shots we got had the mustache & lips in Nolan’s mouth because he thought they were candy (like the  mustaches above) :)

life lately


  1. Looks like you've been having a great time lately! Those raspberries look delicious - yum. Also I think the bird is a Great Blue Heron - we have one in the pond in our backyard. They are beautiful birds!

  2. Such a fun wedding! And I am soooooooooooo jealous of the raspberries growing in your yard... how awesome is that?!?!?! Mason is OBSESSED with raspberries! Maybe I should look into planting a bush... that would save me from buying the double pack from SAMS twice a week :)

  3. Nolan is just so cute. My nephew is really tall too, and people always say that he looks 3! And isn't it so cute when they say all the letters of the alphabet? I could sit and listen to my nephew say them all day long. It's just so precious!

    Love all the fun details from the wedding. And that sunset during the reception? WOW!

  4. Xavier is tall too! Most people thought he was turning 2, back when he was turning 1! They would look at me funny since he couldn't talk or walk very well yet :(

    Can't wait to hear the news (if you share) if Nolan will have a little sister or little brother :)

    X has been taking his little trains/planes to bed with him lately too! Must be the age :)

    Your mommy-son date looks so cute! I would love to do that with Xavier, but I don't think he would be quiet or calm enough for just me :(

    The wedding photos look so cute! I would have loved that sweet table :)

  5. Busy Busy!
    Nolan is so cute! Looks just like his dad!


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