Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nolan’s train party

train party
On Saturday, we threw Nolan his 2nd birthday party! I had so much fun planning the little details, and I love the way it turned out! Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with us!

I’ll do a follow-up post to show where I got my inspiration and recipes.

train party invite
I made these invitations about a month ago, and then based the party decorations on their color scheme.

A joint effort between Steve and me—our first tiered cake.
 train cookies
Cookies made by my wonderful mom. She and I had fun decorating them on Friday night! :)
 orange punch
Orange-pineapple punch


  all aboard
Last week, I painted this chalkboard that we found in our attic from the previous owners. It looks white in the photo, but it’s a minty green/blue.

Fueling station :)

Delicious fruit salad made by my mom.

My first pasta salad.

“Steam Engine Joes”—this was also my first time making sloppy joes in the Crock-Pot. The recipe I found was handwritten by my dad, Nolan’s Grandpa Bruce :)

Photos of Nolan from 13-24 months.

We reused this Cricut-made sign that we had at Nolan’s nautical 1st birthday party.

Fascinated with balloons!

“Mini Ivy”—a gift from his 96-year-old great-grandmother, Olive—has definitely become a favorite toy. He often carries it with him into the car, and then into stores :)
He loved the train tracks on the table!
Wendy, Meghan, & Carol :)

Steve’s side of the family. We were so happy that Phil and Dana (right corner) and their girls came all the way from Indiana!

Meghan and our niece Abby.
The four brothers Dave, Steve, Josh, and Phil with the birthday boy.

Singing “Happy Birthday”.

LOVING that everyone was singing to him.

Chocolate cake with raspberry buttercream filling.

I forgot to get a photo of us before Nolan put on his PJs. Cute nonetheless! I wish I had gotten more photos of the party-goers. Note to self: Give someone else the camera next year! :)

 Running around with his cousins and balloons after the party :)

Nolan had such a great time celebrating TWO years!

Hope you enjoyed this peek into our day. Again, I’ll post my inspiration links soon!


  1. Such a cute party! Love the photos of Nolan drinking from the glass bottle and his reaction to the singing :) That cake looks delicious too! Great job!

  2. omg you did an amazing job! what an adorable party! the little details are all so wonderful

  3. Everything is absolutely adorable!!

  4. Visiting you sweet blog for the first time. I have enjoyed reading through some of you past posts and look forward to visiting again soon!

    What a cute party! I love all the little details. What a lucky little boy he is. :)

  5. Aww, so cute and creative! I love the colors and everything turned out so perfect. He is SUCH a little cutie!

  6. Rachel, this is SO cute!!! And, can you believe it....this is the same theme I am doing for Luke's 2nd bday (yes, I start planning parties a year in advance. I am crazy! Ha!) We have similar taste in party themes! :) Great job!

  7. You did so great Rachel! I love the colors that you chose, and the decorations are so cute! I hope Nolan loved it :)

  8. You rock at themed parties! Even down to the name of the dishes served! I love how everything turned out!

    Happy Birthday Nolan!

  9. Looks like a fun party! I love your decorations :) Those train sugar cookies look delicious!!

  10. I love the unexpected color palette for this party! Great job!


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