Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the little things, part two

In August, I wrote a post about six little things in our new home that I had fallen in love with.

I have been meaning to post a few more things for a while now—so here are the next six:

1. The house came with a sandbox! I had wanted one for Nolan so badly, but since we lived in an apartment, there was no way to make that happen. It only cost us $5 at Lowe’s to fill this turtle up :)

2. I love this coat rack in the entryway of the house! Again at the apartment, we only had a couple hooks on the back of the door.  Now, we have this rack, a bench that opens up to put shoes in, AND a coat closet. We are so spoiled with space!

3. This enormous mirror! It’s on the landing of the second floor, in between the bedrooms and the bathroom. It’s perfect for trying on clothes or checking out a side-view of the baby bump. :) It also makes the second floor landing look huge.

4. A window in my closet. When we were deciding which room would be ours (there is no obvious Master bedroom), I chose this room partly because I loved that the closet had bright light! I did not seem to notice that it is the only bedroom that doesn’t have a heating duct—oops, no wonder why it was used as an office before. The closet doesn’t have any shelves—so I’m hoping that is something Steve can build and install this winter.

5. A very small thing to be thankful for—a hose—for washing cars, watering plants, spraying off dirty children, filling up pools, etc. We missed having one of these in our four years of apartment living.

6. A new-to-me stove! The one on the left came with the house. I was a little disappointed because none of the burners worked, and the oven burned the few things that I tried to bake. My lovely mother-in-law decided that we could use a new stove, so she and I went down to a used appliance store. I really love the one that we got—it works so nicely!


  1. wow that turtle sandbox takes me down memory lane! and that full length mirror is incredible! that house of yours is full of personality! so fun!

  2. Love the mirror and the front entry way! I wish we had enough space by our front door for coat hooks and such! Your scarf collection looks beautiful :)
    Yeh for a new stove! Glad it works well for you :)

  3. I love older homes! They have so much personality & interest. Yours also reminds me of some of the homes in Chicago. You & Steve are making a wonderful home :)


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