Monday, September 30, 2013

gender reveal party

Thursday night, we had a small group over to share the big news from our ultrasound!

gender reveal invite
I had fun making this little invite :)

gender reveal  
I baked cupcakes on Wednesday night. Then, on Thursday afternoon, after we found out the gender, Steve carved out the centers of the cupcakes while I piped colored frosting into them, and then covered them in white frosting. :)

Pink raspberry lemonade and blue Voltage Mountain Dew :)

Stuffing his mouth with a cupcake :)

gender reveal cupcake
And… the grandparents, etc were excited to see that it was BLUE!! :) Our second sweet baby boy.

My mother-in-law had a pink gift bag if it was a girl, and a blue bag if it was a boy. Such cute onesies!

We celebrated some more with blue hot chocolate.

In love with this little guy already! Isn’t he cute? ;)


  1. you plan the cutest parties! Love the details! Congratulations!!!!

  2. That is so cute!! The party, the baby, all of it!!

  3. I love all of the decorations! You are very talented, Rachel! Congrats again on baby boy #2 :)

  4. How adorable was your party??! Seriously, so frickin' cute! Congrats on another little boy!!!!!!

  5. This is all so adorable! Congrats again to you all!
    A couple we know in Arizona just had a gender reveal party as well :) They did Kermit for a boy and Miss Piggy for a girl.....Boys are winning out these days! :)

  6. This is so absolutely stinking cute! What an adorable little family you have!

  7. So fun!!! I am so excited you are having another boy! Does he have a name yet? I am obsessed with baby names :)

  8. Adorable, I think you need to be a party planner!!

  9. Those onesies are so adorable! I love shopping for baby clothes.

  10. Congrats! What a fun party:) You really made it so cute! Excited for your little guy!! love Katie

  11. Awww I LOVE IT!!!! Such a sweet party, and you're making me even more excited for mine! :) Yay for a little boy!!!



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