Monday, August 25, 2014

august favorite things

At the end of every month I look around the house to see if there is anything I’ve picked up recently that I want to recommend or rave about to you all. I saw these bracelets on Kelly Stamps’ blog—they’re $5 each at Walmart—and since I’m there so frequently, I sought them out and purchased a couple! They also have hot pink, orange, and black with several style varieties of each. So far I have found them to be of a nice quality. They are nice and solid, and they open on a hinge. Kelly also introduced me to the Instagram account @WhoaWaitWalmart. They find some really cute things that are worth searching for at the store. :)

Secondly, I love these $10 simple v-necks from Target. I’ve picked up Peach and Heather Gray. The above picture makes it look really pink, but it is actually faded and coral like shown below. I could wear these tees every day. Just don’t be like me and splash butter all over the front when you’re baking. . . any ideas on how to get that out??
Merona Vintage V-neck Tee.

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  1. Spray on Advance Shout and really scrub the stain. Let it set for while and then wash as usual. I've gotten stains out even after they have been been missed and gone thru the dryer. The tee shirts are cute!

  2. I love those bracelets and the shirts !!! Thanks for the ideas!!:)

  3. LOVE the bracelets!! I definitely want a white one:)

  4. Those bracelets are cute! Btw if the gold starts to wear off, you can put clear nail polish on it to seal it :)

  5. I love those Target tees too! I'd try dawn on the stain. I use it on all oil and grease stains.

  6. I love the Target tees! I have three myself :)

  7. I love a Target tee!!! And those bracelets. I am going to have to check those out!!! Thanks for the finds!

  8. Wow! Those bracelets really are cute! Great find! I loooove the Target tee's also. I bought one not too long ago :)

  9. Those bangles are super adorable, and I think I said "Whoa... Wait... Walmart" in my head before I read about the Instagram account. (writing that one down....) Thanks for posting these cute finds!

  10. i LOVE those bracelets!! going tomorrow to see if my wally world has any. if you can't get the butter stains out you could also tie-dye or paint the shirt if you wanted to keep it :) i'm notorious for painting over stains. ;)

  11. Oxi Clean spray is AMAZING I have a 8 month old, 7 yr. old, 12yr. old and I couldn't imagine my life without it. It has removed many stains from grass, grease, spit up, baby food.. ect. It is the best stuff ever!!!!

  12. Try Resolve (the spray for carpet)!


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