Thursday, August 21, 2014

on His peace


There are moments in your life when you learn something, or an event happens, and all of a sudden your life isn’t what it was five minutes before. You feel like something has been altered. It may be good, it may be bad, or it may be something you can't put your finger on right away, but you know that in that moment, God is always there with you. I had one of those moments this week. As my mind raced away from me, barreling down one worst-case scenario after another, the only choice I had was to rest in the peace that comes in knowing He is in control. Once I made that choice, I understood that it is the ONLY choice—and it was there all along. God doesn’t wait for my okay to give me His peace. It’s there before I even know I need it.

When the situation resolved happily, I found that God had used this minor trial to mold me a little bit more into who He wants me to be. For example, I had gotten a little bit whiney in the past few months about the littlest of things. And now, I’ve gained some perspective, and I see that these little things mean nothing in the grand scheme. Now that I have put the whining aside, I am experiencing so much more joy in my day to day life.

Accept the peace that waits for you daily. Keep your focus on God in the ups and downs, and the rest falls into place.


  1. Thank you for your reminder this morning that our Heavenly Father is indeed in control of every detail!

  2. I kind of had a little moment like that today. I've been busy pouting and mopeing and feeling completely helpless.....and somehow, in those moments it re-dawned on me, that, of course I am helpless. But, my Savior isn't. And what a peace and refreshment that comes from resting and realizing that again.

    Good post, Rachel!

  3. thanks for your honesty sweetie- appreciate it!


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