Monday, August 11, 2014

sunday afternoon

Yesterday, we spent a perfect afternoon with Steve’s mom’s side of the family. Steve’s parents both grew up a couple of hours northwest of here, and we head up there a few times a year for get-togethers. Steve’s cousin Jay and his family are visiting from Austin, Texas—and we were excited to see them again! Their son, Issac, is just a month younger than Nolan, and the boys had fun getting to know each other :) We celebrated a couple of summer birthdays with homemade sheet cake, mint chocolate chip ice cream, and never-ending sparkler candles. Ephraim was passed around to the baby-lovers of the group. And Steve’s 97-year-old grandmother, Olive, happily observed her growing brood.


DSC_8741 DSC_8760
Steve’s aunt and uncle have an incredible backyard—full of flowers, a vegetable garden, plenty of seating, a swingset, and endless kid toys. I loved these hanging moss balls, with tiny, growing plants!
My little adventurer, doing what he does best. :)

I always think, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could live near all of our extended family?!  Xoxo.


  1. Your photos are looking great these days - so much color! :)

  2. So what is your secret to you pictures? Tutorials?? I have a great camera but still take crummy pics bc I don't know how to use it.


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