Friday, August 8, 2014

friday favorites

 Five of my favorite things from this week

1. Adventuring

August has been a wake-up call for me that summer is going to be on its way out. I’ve been trying to do something fun with Nolan each day—some kind of outing or errand so that we’re intentionally spending some time in the sun. We visited the playground at the beach yesterday. As expected, he absolutely loved the wooden train. :)

2. Ephraim’s eating faces

The little guy started on solid foods this week. We first tried rice cereal, which he spit out quickly. Next, we chose bananas, and his expressions were priceless! Though he looked disgusted, the bananas were swallowed, and I believe, enjoyed! The third food he tried was peas, which he was less enthused about, but he did get a lot of it down :)

Such a big guy now!
3. Water Table

I have wanted to buy Nolan a water table for a couple of summers now, but I kept putting it off, not really wanting to spend money on it. This week, I bought one of those long Rubbermaid bins (good for storing under beds), and filled it with water, bath toys, and recycled plastics. He LOVES it! He could stand there and pour water from container to container all day. It’s nice that it has a lid too so the water can be nicely saved.

4. New Paint

Steve gave the playroom two coats of fresh paint! It is now a serene gray color, and I can’t wait to post photos of it on Tuesday. :)


5. Lookalikes

I was going through some of my things, and I found this button of my sister Hannah. I immediately saw Nolan in her—whether it be her face shape or maybe her smile, I’m not sure. I even think I see a little Ephraim! I often catch myself wondering what she would look like today. Genetics are just so cool.

And a random photo of the gorgeous sunset last night, though cameras never do it justice! :)

Did you link up for Friday Favorites this week with Andrea, Erika, & Narci?

What are your weekend plans?

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  1. That wooden train looks so fun--my Joey would love that! I love the pic of Ephraim in the carrier he looks so big! What a fabulous idea for the water table!! And I totally agree Nolan looks just like your sister!! Sorry for the long winded comment but so much to say about you fab faves!

  2. Your boys are so cute! I might have to try out the rubbermaid full of water...that's genius!

  3. The park right by Xavier's daycare has a wooden train and he loves it too of course :)
    Those faces are hilarious of E eating!
    The water table idea is great! And so much cheaper! I wish I would have thought of that! The one we got for X is huge and is really hard to store over the winter :(
    Love the gray walls! Can't wait to see the reveal!
    And Nolan really does look like your sister :)
    Have a great weekend Rachel! ~~ Totally thought you cut your hair in that photo of you and E! It would look great that length!

  4. Nolan must have just loved that train!

  5. I can't wait to hear more about that gray paint color!!

  6. Ephraim's blue eyes!!! And that face! He is just the cutest!!!


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