Friday, August 29, 2014

friday favorites


F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

1. Day dates with my babies

Steve works ALL day on Thursdays now, so yesterday the boys and I did a little adventuring. We visited a new town, did some window shopping, and sipped on some ice coffee (I did). Nolan broke a toy at one of the stores, so I wasn’t entirely happy with him, but it was fun to be out and about enjoying the nice weather! :)

2. Old Houses 

We have driven past this old house a hundred times in the past few years. Unfortunately, we heard that it’s being knocked down in a couple weeks to build a dollar store :(  It has been on sale for ten years for under $200,000, and no one wanted it! Anyway, we got the chance to go inside, and you would not believe how amazing it was! Ornate fireplaces in every room, 12-foot ceilings, crystal chandeliers, countless bedrooms. All of Steve’s work on his parents’ house has made us super fascinated with the character of old homes :)

3. Wendy’s Strawberry Lemonade

We got a snack at Wendy’s last night, and I haven’t had their lemonade in over a year. But man alive, it’s delicious!

4. Donut Party
Planning has been underway for a few weeks for Nolan’s 3rd birthday party on September 6th! I have a lot of work to do this week to get ready, but I’m super excited!!

Which leads me to #5. My birthday weekend!
Here is me at Nolan’s age. My birthday is Sunday (the 31st), and it falls right in the middle of Labor Day weekend this year. Can’t wait!  (P.S. My hair is in a ponytail here, not super short!)

Hope you all enjoy the long weekend!! :)

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  1. Happy Early Birthday Girl! Enjoy your long holiday weekend!!!!
    I'm totally wanting to go to Wendy's now. I've never had their Strawberry Lemonade!

  2. The strawberry lemonade at Wendy's is delicious! Happy Early Birthday Rachel!


  3. HAve a wonderful birthday and great long weekend!! Those donuts look very, very yummy.
    <3 Sarita

  4. it makes me incredibly sad when historic homes like this are torn down for new houses or buildings. you just don't get that kind of craftsmanship or quality of work anymore. or it is at least hard to come by and it's with a majorly big price tag. how awesome you were able to go inside! gorgeous! have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  5. Gorgeous photos!! I'm SO SAD that house is being torn down for a DG!!! Thats awful! I love old houses!!!

  6. That house......I cannot believe that no one wanted to restore it! I hope someone at least reclaims some of the items from the interior. Hope you have a super birthday weekend!

  7. What a gorgeous house! Have an amazing birthday!!

  8. Aw so sad that house is turning into a dollar store! Oh well. Maybe you can do some shopping there since it will be close :)

  9. Oh my goodness....I want those NOW :) Happy early birthday! Hope you have an AMAZING weekend!!

  10. Happy early Birthday Rachel! I hope it is a great weekend!
    I wish Xavier and I could do mommy/son dates, but he is a bit too crazy for me on my own. Crossing my fingers that we will have future dates :)
    That old house is amazing! That is too bad that they are taking it down.
    Did you make those donuts or buy them at a shop? They look delish! And what a cute idea for Nolan's party! Can't wait to see pics!

  11. The donut party is such an adorable idea!! Have a great weekend!!

  12. What a beautiful old home - how sad that it's going to be torn down! Have a wonderful birthday weekend!

  13. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your weekend!

  14. Someone must buy that house!! It's fabulous! So sad that it will be knocked down :( I hope someone will be able to salvage the things that are in it!

  15. Happy Birthday!! What an amazing house! All of the details are so beautiful. It looks like something Nicole Curtis on the show "Rehab Addict" would love to restore. After seeing your photo that Wendy's lemonade sounds amazing, too! Enjoy your weekend!!


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