Thursday, November 13, 2014

friday favorites

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

Favorite New Show | “Rehab Addict”
Steve and I discovered Nicole Curtis’s “Rehab Addict” on Netflix, and we are HOOKED. Her house renovating projects are amazing! We love that she keeps the character of the homes and brings everything back to the right time period, while still adding modern amenities. That Minnehaha house—so beautiful. And it’s in the neighborhood that my grandparents went to high school! Steve and I are now busy planning our next projects :)

Favorite New Dinners | French Onion Paninis and Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets
Since Steve works three nights a week, I have been slacking in the cooking department for months. I have made it a goal to cook more and try new recipes. This week, I made these French Onion Paninis, and they were a big hit! I also fried up some Copycat Chick-Fil-A Nuggets, and they were delicious! Both of these meals were actually Nolan-approved as well :)

Favorite New Shirt | jcp Pink & Navy Gingham
Scored this cute shirt for $12, and I will be wearing it often!

Current Favorite Read | The No-Cry Sleep Solution
I can’t recommend it yet because I haven’t finished it. But so far, what I’ve read sounds like very reasonable and practical advice for getting your baby to sleep better. Ephraim is finally in his own room, and going to bed much earlier (thanks time change!) But he is still waking up too many times, and we are ready for some solid sleeps :)

Nolan’s favorite activity | Painting!
It’s funny because when you give Nolan crayons or markers, he usually takes one color, makes a scribble, and is done. But when it comes to paint—he makes some pretty cute, refrigerator-ready pictures!

Least favorite weather | Hello snow
We had our first snowfall last night. Though I’m grateful the snow held off until mid-November, I am not ready for such cold!

Praying this becomes a favorite | Gentian Violet
I’ve been suffering for several weeks with thrush that won’t quit. I had heard about gentian violet from the beginning, but wanted to try some other routes first. I used the purple stuff last night, and I am hoping for a quick cure!

Fave photos of the week:

Piano moving day!

At the Lowe’s “Build & Grow” Workshop on Saturday

Another photo sent to us of our sweet new niece!

Playdate with friends :)

Have a great weekend!! Stay warm :)

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  1. Your Toms look great with your new shirt!

  2. Love this, and your teal pants, you are looking great Mama Rachel !!

  3. Looks like a fun week! Navy and dark pink just go together so nicely. Great score! Congrats on the new piano. Beautiful!

  4. I love Rehab addict too! And speaking of beautiful homes... I noticed in the piano shots that you have some awesome hardwood floors in there! Love those. Hope the thrush clears up soon for you!

  5. You guys sure do make adorable babies in your family! I'm going to have to try those chicken nuggets....I've been in a dinner slump

  6. Stopping in from the link-up and I am obsessing over your new pink & navy gingham shirt! So adorable! Would love to snatch me up one as well! Have a great weekend! :)

  7. I also love Rehab Addict! This season, she's been working on a huge mansion with some amazing results. Looks like Steve is already enjoying the piano.

  8. I read the no-cry sleep solution too and found it really helpful!!! I feel your pain though - sleep deprivation is so hard!! xoxo PS - those donuts, oh. my.goodness!!!!!

  9. Those french onion panninis sounds amazing!

    Katie @

  10. Love the pictures! The plaid in pink is just beyond gorgeous! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog

  11. I LOVE rehab Addict! I bet you would love the show Fixer Upper too!


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