Monday, November 3, 2014

halloween weekend

Our weekend started off with a little ducky and a famous sidekick named Robin. I picked up Ephraim’s duck costume for $4 last week at a sale at Steve’s old high school, and it was the perfect fit for him. Nolan’s costume belonged to Steve when he was three! It is twenty five years-old, and was handmade by Steve’s great-aunt. Nolan refused to wear the green crocheted gloves and booties, but he still looked adorable, especially after Steve painted a little black mask around his eyes :)  We headed out to the lake to my friend Amy’s house for a Halloween party. There were nearly 80 people at the party! We had a blast hanging out with everyone, meeting some new friends, and eating themed goodies.

On Saturday night, Steve and I went out on our first date in 9+ months! We split a stromboli at our town’s cute little Italian restaurant, and we talked about our big dreams. It was really strange to have neither kid in tow, but we definitely enjoyed some uninterrupted time together.

We had nursery duty at church on Sunday morning, and then let Nolan have some fun at the annual kids’ fall party after the service. Back at home, Steve chipped away at more work on our bathroom, and the boys and I relaxed. I have to say, the time change is pretty confusing for little ones and dogs! All in all, it was a really nice weekend, and though I’m sad to see October go, I’m sure this next month will bring its own excitement :)



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