Thursday, October 30, 2014

friday favorites

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

These are my favorite moments of the week! I have so many good moments to share from the past seven days!

Above is Ephraim eating (and LOVING) yogurt for the first time. He and I have been passing thrush back and forth to each other, so we’re eating lots of probiotics to get rid of the stuff for good :) 

This was AMAZING! It was the first time either of our children have fallen asleep while eating or playing. His eyes were slowly closing, and he started nodding off. We had a good laugh about it!

Checking out a caterpillar in the back yard :)   

I had one of my Instagram photos featured in the MOPS “Hello, Darling” magazine. :)

At Goodwill, my weakness is dishes. I graduated from high school in Lincoln, Nebraska, so who better to buy this cute tea set?


I was so happy to hold this little pumpkin at MOPS on Tuesday. She’s two months old and was so tiny compared to E!

We had our last warm day of the year, which called for a delicious strawberry lemonade from Wendy’s :)

This is probably the coolest moment of our week: this is our new baby grand piano!!! We went to see it on Wednesday night for the first time and we can’t wait to get it moved to our house. We weren’t actively searching for one, but it fell into our laps, which can only be explained as a God thing. We are THRILLED!! :)  (More details after we get it moved!)

Just checkin’ out those NIV Commentaries :) I love when babies get to the stage where they like to clear shelves.

I was really blessed by your nice comments on this outfit from Wednesday. THANK YOU!

My nails are ready for Halloween-partying today (Essie’s “Fear or Desire”). Had to.

This is my favorite Flashback-Friday Halloween photo. It’s my dad, my sister, and me on my first Halloween :)  Ephraim is going to be dressed as something quite similar today! Watch for some cute boys on Instagram (@floralandfudge).

Hope y’all have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe and eat a lot of candy! :)

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  1. I LOVE pics of my babies falling asleep in the high chair! Priceless!

  2. What a great photo of you, your dad and sister! Have a great Halloween! Looking forward to seeing pictures of your kiddos in their costumes!

  3. Yes, those babies treat clearing shelves and cabinets like it's their job! LB goes to the coffee table first thing in the morning and throws down all of my coasters. I've thought about moving them, but he enjoys it so much, so why fight him on it? :) I LOVE that outfit! Super cute cardigan. Happy Halloween!!

  4. Those eyes! So cute. And I so love that outfit on you!

  5. How adorable is that photo of E falling asleep while eating? Love it!
    Congrats on your photo and recipe being in the MOPS book :)
    Those donuts and your nails just scream Halloween! Can't wait to see photos of the boys in their costumes :)
    Have a great weekend Rachel!

  6. I drove through Lincoln, Nebraska on my move out to SLC! Corn Huskers gear everywhere! :)

  7. Wow, sounds like you had a fantastic week! Congrats on the MOPS feature and the new piano. I also love vintage dishes and will need a large butler's pantry someday.... ;-) Happy Halloween!


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