Thursday, October 23, 2014

friday favorites & a free printable

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

This week has flown! We have been at home mostly, recuperating from our trip out to Indiana. Ephraim has become a terrible sleeper at night, and our immune systems are all down because of it. We are hoping to get him healthy and sleeping through the night very soon!

Here are some of my random favorites of the week!

Favorite 1: Newly-found food staples

I'm not leaving my Land O' Lakes any time soon, but I had to try this new Swiss Miss Simply Cocoa since I love products that don't have preservatives and fake flavors/colors. This only has cocoa, nonfat milk, sugar, natural flavor, and salt. And it's pretty delicious!

I picked up these Ghirardelli Minis and let's just say the bag is gone :)

 Duncan Hines makes a blueberry streusel muffin mix called "Simple Mornings." Again, it makes me happy because there aren't artificial ingredients. I didn't have muffin wrappers, so I followed the instructions on the side for "quick bread". Turned out amazing!! Nolan called it "blueberry cake", and asked for serving after serving until I cut him off :)

Favorite 2: "Trick or Treat" package

In case you missed this on Monday, I had a lot of fun putting together this orange and black package.

Favorite 3: The Boys, as always

Nolan's favorite thing this week has been TRAINS TRAINS and more TRAINS! Little brother's favorite thing to do is stand up on the train set and knock it over, like a little baby Godzilla :) 

Favorite 4: New Aaron Shust song

We've been listening to my current favorite song, Aaron Shust's "No One Higher" on repeat for a few days. It is so good! I made a little print of it (above), and I can't wait to get it up on our walls! The print is formatted to a 5x7. Just right-click and save to your computer! :)

Hoping you have an awesome weekend!!
You'll find me cuddling this sweet thing :)

Linking up for Friday Favorites with Andrea, Erika, & Narci.


  1. I really do love your orange and black Halloween box! Next year I'll get on that! Also, I need to try this blueberry streusel mix (love that photo)! Happy Friday!

  2. Thanks so much for the print! I love it! Your litle guys are adorable and I look forward to following along more with your blog.

  3. Love that box! Stopping by from the link up- your kids are adorable! I don't think I've heard that song yet- I'll have to check it out!

  4. My family lives in Indiana and we travel there often from Mississippi. What took you to IN? I did not know Ghirardelli made MINI chocolates! Their caramel treats are my favorite. I may just have to pick up a bag the next time I'm at the store. Likely I'll be the only one to eat them and they probably won't last long - haha.

  5. Saying hello from Friday Favorites! Thanks for posting about the "simple" products. I am always looking for new products without the artificial stuff. Sometimes the taste is not what you're used to, so I love hearing recommendations for what tastes great. Thanks!

  6. you look gorgeous! and that blueberry bread omg I want that now!

  7. Such great photos! Those mini chocolates look delicious!

  8. Oooo... I'm jealous of all that yumminess!!!


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