Monday, October 6, 2014

what’s on . . . my feet

  This month’s post for the“What’s On” series is all about shoes!

This weekend, I went to a friend’s wedding out-of-state, and I only packed sandals. Of course, the high ended up being only 48, and my feet were frozen the entire time! I’m now ready to put the sandals away for the winter, and I dug out all of my colder-weather staples. :)

Up until recently, I was never a shoe person. When I was a kid, I grew shoe sizes FAST. I passed up both my mom’s and sister’s sizes (7 and 8), and kept going up until I hit 11. I realized that shoes stores don’t carry many 11s, so I never found my size in the shoes I liked.

In the past few years, I’ve discovered internet shoe shopping. SO much easier to find my size. There are unlimited options on style. And I’m gradually building a collection for each season.

Comfort trumps aesthetics for me with shoes. I am not a strappy-heels girl, but I do think they’re cute! I gravitate more towards boots, booties, and shoes with a bright color or unique flair.

MIA boots
I bought these MIA boots on sale last fall, and I am so excited to pull them out of my closet again! They work so perfectly with skinny jeans or leggings.

Lands' End moccasins
These Lands’ End moccs called my name a few years ago, and I love the pop of color they add to any outfit.

 Toms Desert Wedge
My new favorites! TOMS Desert Wedges in “brown herringbone”. They are amazing and beautiful.

Converse Radiant Orchid
Converse classics in “radiant orchid”. Love!

Troentorp clogs
These shoes have lasted me forever. We’re going on 13 years together. They’re Swedish clogs—handmade with real wood and beautiful leather that is nailed instead of stapled. Though it may sound uncomfortable to wear wooden soles—it’s quite the opposite since the instep is formed for the foot. Troentorp recently gifted me the white ones below, and they’re even MORE comfortable than my brown ones.

Troentorp clogs
I love wearing a piece of my Swedish heritage :)

Steve Madden boots
My black Steve Madden boots are easy to slip on and add a fancy heel to a dress or pants.

 SO flats
I bought these from Kohl’s when I was student teaching years ago, but honestly they don’t have much support for my feet. They really are cute, though!

Mossimo heels
And little Mossimo heels I bought in college. I rarely wear them, but you’ve got to have one classic pair of black heels in your closet!

So these are the kicks that you’ll be seeing me wear in the WIWW posts this fall and winter—though I tend to wear my favorites over and over :)

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What’s your favorite fall/winter shoe??


  1. love your shoes all so cute! thanks for sharing !

  2. I need to add those Toms to my wishlist! Love them! All of your shoes for the Fall are cute!

  3. I love all your shoes! I just ordered a pair of fake Tom's wedges and I'm so excited to get them! I love how you styled them the last time you wore them :)

  4. I completely forgot you know Kristen! In fact, you are kind of the person that introduced us. I love that so much!

    I am totally with you - comfort is always first for me when it comes to shoes! I really really really like those Tom's wedges!

  5. Love how you put this together! Such cute shoes. Love the day I will get a pair of those!! :)

  6. Love those purple converse and the way you took the pictures in the leaves!

  7. I love all of your shoe choices! The Tom wedges have definitely caught my eye...


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