Friday, October 3, 2014

friday favorites

F R I D A Y   F A V O R I T E S

Favorite One:

Last night, we went to see elk with Mormor and Papa Don. (Daddy had to teach night class.) The best time to look for elk is at sunset, when they’re most likely out grazing. I went twice last year, but only saw elk from a great distance. This year, they did not disappoint!

We still have about a week or so before the trees around here will peak at their best colors, but this tree was certainly in its prime last night!

There were people lined up with cameras all along the pathway, but we fought our way through to get a good view. :)

As we were approaching the elk, we saw a few bulls (males) running through the field away from us. I got a couple shots, but then they were gone. The cows (females) stayed and grazed the field for the entire time we were there. We could hear the bulls bugling, and it’s such an amazing sound!

Baby E was not really in a good mood until I got him out of the stroller and carried him.

Wow, right??

Favorite Two:

I LOVE going for walks. I didn’t go for nearly enough walks this summer, so now I’m trying to make up for it before it gets cold. The problem is. . . our neighborhood.

We live on top of a hill. A huge hill that once you go down, it is nearly impossible to make back up with a stroller and a three-year-old holding your hand.

That leaves only one little street we can walk down that is quite flat, but has awful sidewalks. And on one of my walks this week, a neighbor had the ugliest zombies and body parts hanging from the porch. Yikes—I don’t want Nolan to see them. So, my new solution is to drive to a flat, nice neighborhood and walk around there instead :)


Nolan: “Hi Baby. You’re my best friend!”  And I melt. :)

Favorite Three:

I didn’t really care that Gilmore Girls had arrived on Netflix because I have all the seasons of my all-time favorite show on DVD. But then I realized that there is no disc shuffling with Netflix—so you can choose to watch bits and pieces of all the seasons with the click of the remote. I know what I’ll be doing this weekend!

Hope you’ve enjoyed your week! What are you looking forward to this weekend??

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  1. Those are some of the prettiest fall pictures!!

  2. How fun to go see the elk! All your pictures are amazing. I, too, love to walk in the mornings my walking now is around the pasture!!!

  3. Stopping in from the link-up... So even though baby E wasn't happy, you managed to get great pictures of both the boys and the elk area! And something must be in the air because you're the second person to mention Gilmore Girls this morning in their 5... I might need to bust mine out this rainy weekend. Have a great weekend!

  4. Those Elk are amazing and that tree photo, I die! I cannot wait till those colors appear around here. My favorite time of year for sure :)

  5. I wish we had a place to go see Elk! Such pretty pictures!

  6. Such gorgeous pictures. I've never seen elk so this might be an experience for the bucket list! Afternoon walks with kids are a must, perfect time to release some energy! :) I loved Gilmore Girls and am super excited it's on Netflix!
    Stopping by from Friday Favorites!

  7. Those leaves are amazing! We have a few trees that have turned pretty quick, but most are slow moving right now. I am hoping to take X outside and takes some pictures of him when the leaves are those beautiful shades of orange and red :)
    That stinks that you have to drive somewhere to go for a walk. Our neighborhood isn't so bad for walking, just have noisy neighbors. lol! We have a nice bike trail that we can drive to if we really want to have an enjoyable time :)
    Love Gilmore Girls! I used to watch it all the time!

  8. I end up watching Gilmore Girls completely through once a year. I started over the summer break and now I'm almost finished with the last season. I catch something new every time! The pictures of fall look beautiful. I'm hoping to take a weekend drive with the Hubby to look at the different colors.

  9. I just love the Fall background in your pictures!!

  10. Wow! Those are some seriously stunning pics!


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