Thursday, October 30, 2014

halloween decor

Happy almost-Halloween! I like to decorate more for fall than Halloween so that I can leave everything up through Thanksgiving, until we’re ready for Christmas. Above is our mantel from last year. I wasn’t able to recreate it exactly for two reasons. 1. I cannot find that darn wreath anywhere. I saw it recently, but now it has fallen into the black hole of the house :)  2. For Christmas last year, we bought ourselves a flat screen which is now perched above the fireplace. Having the TV there makes the best sense for the shape of the living room. (Plus little hands can’t reach it :) I miss having that space to decorate, but there’s a good three feet on both sides above the built-in bookshelves that we can still use.

See the pumpkins on the mantel? I let them compost in our garden over the winter. And in June—we had our own little pumpkin patch! It was definitely the highlight of the garden over the summer, watching them grow from seeds. We ended up with a beautiful 22-pound pumpkin (below)! There were four smaller ones as well. Two rotted before they were ripe. And the other two sit on the back porch.

This little foil print by Phil Austin is new, and I love it! Steve bought eight foil prints of Austin’s on Ebay for my birthday. I am excited to share the rest sometime!

”Mommy take a picture of my cookie!” Okay. :)

Bunting I sewed last year.


My mom made these pumpkin dessert bars on Saturday, and I want to share the recipe again (click the photo below). It’s a cross between yellow cake and pumpkin pie. Yum!

pumpkin dessert 

What are your plans for Halloween? A friend of mine is throwing a “Little Monster Mash Halloween Bash” tomorrow night, and I’m super excited to take the kids in their costumes :)


  1. Oh I love that you had your own little pumpkins growing! I have seriously got to get better about decorating for holidays! My mom always did for us growing up.

  2. I don't usually decorate for Halloween, so I just have some pumpkins out throughout the house. I am excited for this weekend because we will be decorating for Christmas! Mic and I started the tradition 3 years ago since X was due in December. We didn't want to rush around trying to decorate and we weren't sure if he would come early/late. So we put up the trees and all the decor the first weekend of November. It has been great! We get to enjoy it longer and really get into the Christmas spirit! I can't wait :) It just feels so much more cozy when it has twinkling lights and such :)
    What are you dressing the boys as for the party? Xavier is obsessed with TMNT these days, so he is going as Michaelangelo. It will be his first time to go trick-or-treat tonight :)

  3. Love your decorations! They're so elegantly simple and coordinate so well. And I love all of the sunshine in your living room! I can't wait to have a fireplace of my own :)

  4. I love that bunting! I wish I could sew! :( You should sell those on Etsy!


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