Wednesday, October 1, 2014

party hopping

This weekend, we were excited to have invites to two special boys’ birthday parties! On Saturday, we went to the cutest party that my friend Amanda threw for her two-year-old son Ethan. It was at a pavilion on the beach, and it was the most perfect weather day. I documented what was probably my last day of wearing shorts for the year :)

We are big fans of Super Why at our house, and loved all the decor! We left full of pizza and candy and all good things :)

We were surprised to see Dr. Kelly at the party with her husband and kids! I asked her to take a photo with Ephraim so that I can someday show him the doctor who delivered him. She is the nicest person!

On Sunday, we drove down to Coleson’s fourth birthday party! My friend Briana has her own invitation business, and loves throwing creative parties! The theme was a Scavenger Hunt, and it was so much fun for Nolan and the other kids.

She sent out 8x10 invites which were paper clipboards and checklists for the party. Then she had the same paper clipboards for the kids to cross off what they found at each activity station. They had set up an obstacle course—army-crawling under twine, a wall made of pallets that they had to scale, a balance beam, foam noodles to run between, and a rope swing across the balloon-filled kiddie pool. There were jewels to excavate in the sandbox, jars of bubbles in the kiddle pool, and other tokens to pick up along the way. How cool, right?!

At the end, we watched the kids wading/crayfish hunting in the creek behind the house :)

And a little dose of cuteness thanks to Ephraim and a cute friend we saw at Petco yesterday :)

Happy October!!


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