Friday, January 9, 2015

Friday Favorites

This little man is ready for the weekend! Our friend Kevin is coming tonight to help Steve get a few steps ahead on our kitchen remodel. I’m excited that he will have someone to make the work go faster (and make it more fun). We’ll get our usual Friday night pizza and continue our Netflix marathon of “Parenthood”. On to Friday Favorites. . .

We had some great times this week with friends! We went to a Ninja Turtles 4th birthday party on Tuesday, which was so much fun! And then we had my friend Kim and her FIVE boys over for a playdate on Wednesday. Both times, we saw little ones younger than Ephraim already walking, so I’m glad my E hasn’t caught on quite yet. He does like to fake drink my coffee, and answer “SO big!” to my “How big is Ephraim?” question :)

For Christmas, I asked my mom for these candles for our windows. She picked them up at KMart, and I like how they are cordless, so there’s no messing with outlets or extension cords. I set them to turn on by themselves at 4:45 pm, and they turn off at 12:45 am. I love how lit up our house looks at night with all of the candles in the windows!

My outfit of the week was this pick—a striped shirt with teal jeans and a black cardigan. I think at the time I took these photos, it was nearly 50 degrees. As I type this, it’s only 7, and I haven’t been outside in two days!

Yesterday, I posted the recipe for these “Chubby Hubby” bars, and they are pretty incredible! Pretzels, Reese’s cups, caramel, Nestle semi-sweet chocolate—a delicious combination! If you are a salty and sweet person—check them out :)

For those of you who didn’t see on Monday, my friend Astleigh and I are starting a yearly link-up series called “Every Girl”. Thursday, we are talking ORGANIZATION, and we would love for you to join if you have a blog! Here is the rest of the 2015 schedule:


I hope you have an amazing weekend! Stay warm!

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  1. What a fun playdate! Also very exhausting I'm sure!! Love the outfit. I have the pieces to put this look together too. I'll have to wear it soon! I pinned the chubby hubby bars...YUM! Looking forward to linking up with you this year!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Parenthood is my absolute favorite! But be warned, almost every single episode is a tear jerker! I always need a box of kleenex when I watch! And, I can't wait to make those chubby hubby bars! Too bad my hubby just went on a diet! Haha! Also, I can't wait for the link-up! I've already got them wrote down! Happy Friday! :)

  3. You've got some super cute boys!! And I'm really looking forward to our link-up next week!!

  4. I've always loved the look of those candle lights in the windows during the holidays! I didn't know you could find them so easily at Kmart! I'm heading over to check out the recipe for the chubby hubby bars! They are right up my alley!

    Doused In Pink

  5. I'm going to have to try those chubby hubby bars! They look really yummy!

  6. So next time you make those bars and have a few extra, feel free to send them my way!! They look soooo good! I love candles in the window too. I still have mine in from Christmas and I'm thinking I may not take them down until spring!


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