Monday, January 12, 2015

Seeing Stars

I’m a little late getting my post done today (I’m blaming it on the return of Downton Abbey busying up my Sunday nights) :)

Here’s another installment of the boys in their matching PJs! My mom picked up these star jammies at Children’s Place—they’re so cute. And they’re nice, fleecy and warm.

If you’ve ever tried to photograph two active boys, you’ll know it gets increasingly difficult at this age. But then you get these funny shots of a cute, crying baby :)

The weekend flew by, and we were pretty productive. Steve’s friend Kevin drove in from Ohio on Friday to help move some pipes in the kitchen. It ended up being a big job, and I’m glad we’re one step closer in our kitchen project! Yesterday was church and our weekly Subway lunch with Steve’s parents, which is always nice.

We had a playdate this morning with my friend Ashley and her son Everett. It’s so fun to have company on these snowy days.

I’m spending this afternoon in the kitchen so hopefully I’ll be back with a tasty recipe in the morning :)

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  1. I love the matching jammies (and the crying toddler pictures)! We might have to get some for our kids when we're in the States in a few weeks. The last time ours matched at bedtime was a few Christmases ago when one of my aunts got mine and my brother's children all matching PJs. It was pretty adorable :
    Cheers, Amber at


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