Friday, January 29, 2016

Ephraim Turns Two

This week has been really great. Yesterday, our baby turned TWO! I'm not really sure how this can be, but I am excited to have a two-year-old again. Though Ephraim is able to say quite a bit, it will be nice to hear him start to speak in sentences and really be able to express his thoughts and feelings! I will miss the cuddly baby stages, and goodness will I miss his chubby cheeks and juicy legs when they slim down!

Our week started off with a trip to our closest big shopping town. It was kind of last-minute, but when you find a day in January that is supposed to be 40 and sunny, you take that drive! :)

We made it to Home Goods and Target, with lunch at Chick-Fil-A. Though I could have stayed and shopped all day at the many other stores, it was time for E to head home and nap in the car.

I snapped a couple of photos of Ephraim to use for his party :)

At the beginning of the week, I caught a glimpse in the mirror of how long my hair was in the back, and I knew I had to schedule a cut asap. It was getting close to touching my jeans! My new friend and hairstylist Carrianne fit me in yesterday, and she made my hair look so much healthier at the ends (and she even curled it for me!) 

While Ephraim was watching Daniel Tiger yesterday morning, we surprised him with a birthday present--five little Daniel Tiger figurines! He loved them! (And tried to carry them all at once by hoarding them under his chin :)

The four of us went out for birthday donuts, and MorMor joined us too!


Ephraim slept away most of the afternoon, and then we went on a big grocery trip to Walmart. When we got home, he opened his other present, which was a track for the boys' Chuggington trains. We found it on serious markdown at Home Goods on Monday--only $5!

Nolan went to bed scheming how he is going to get out of bed at some terribly early hour so he can sneak downstairs and play with the track before E wakes up :)

Hope you have an amazing weekend!

And if you want to see more of our birthday celebrating this weekend, check in with me on Instagram @rachel.zimm!


  1. I love your haircut and the curls! You look wonderful!! Have so much fun celebrating your two year old this weekend! I am looking forward to all of your party details!

  2. Happy Happy Birthday to Ephraim! Love all the sweet snapshots from his special day!! Have fun celebrating him this weekend! Looking forward to catching all the pics you'll post on insta. :) xoxo

  3. Your doughnuts always look delicious. And your hair looks so pretty! I can't wait until mine is long again. Happy Birthday to Ephraim! Have the best time celebrating :)

  4. Happy Friday to you all! Happy 2nd Birthday to Ephraim! Love your haircut - the shorter length adds body and bounce! And love the curls too! Interesting how we name our grandparents - traditionally or affectionately. In my family (Chinese), on the maternal side, Grandma = PawPaw and Grandpa = GungGung. On the paternal side, Grandma = EinEin (I can't spell it) and Grandpa = YehYeh. Have a great weekend!

  5. Your haircut is gorgeous - making me want to grow my hair again...what a wonderful way to turn 2 :) Have a great party xox

  6. Happy Birthday!! And your hair looks wonderful. Each age is awesome in its own way. Birthday donuts sound amazing.

  7. Happy birthday Ephraim! My Nick turns 6 on Sunday and we are partying this weekend too :)
    Your hair looks so pretty curled!


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