Monday, January 25, 2016

White Snow & Rosy Cheeks

On Saturday, we went over to my mom's house to play in the snow! Ephraim had never officially played in the snow before since he was just learning to walk last winter. The boys donned thick snow-pants, knit hats, boots, and mittens, and we headed out into the backyard. Ephraim promptly took three steps and then faceplanted in the snow. After yelling, "Help, Help", and getting picked up, he carried on. :) 

Even though we could tell he loved getting pulled around on the sled, he had a really serious face the whole time.

Nolan made his first snow angel! He's cringing because he's afraid the snow will get in his face ;)

The best daddy!

Our little Michelin Man :)

Exploring with MorMor :)

E was so excited to actually touch the snow! He kept trying to take off his mittens and feel it his bare hands, which soon ended us back in the house to warm up.

I loved this day together. Now, I'm not much of a cold-weather person, so this was about my fill of snow for the year. But, I would do anything for these little boys. And I'll definitely treasure these photos of their joy in the snow. :)


  1. Looks so fun and great pictures!

  2. Such sweet pictures!! Your boys look like they're having so much fun! My cousin's daughter kept taking her gloves off to feel the snow too! We got so much snow in DC that everyone, from babies to grown adults, was playing in the snow :) I'm not much of a cold weather person, because I figure if it has to be cold, at least there should be I guess I finally got my wish!

  3. Beautiful pictures!! And I'm with you, the snow is lovely for a day...but is it spring yet?? :)

  4. Cute pictures! It looks like your boys enjoyed the snow. You got so much more snow than we did!


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