Thursday, January 14, 2016

Life Lately

A quick family update:

Ephraim will be TWO. . . two weeks from today! I am in total denial of this. Can he stay my baby forever? Though he is still a little sweetheart, some "terrible two" behavior is approaching. For example, he overuses the word "no", and he has been known to use his teeth in self-defense. He is crazy about the show Chuggington, and he says "Green Koko" (his favorite train) over and over again. Ephraim is constantly stealing cars from Nolan, trying to stake his claim to the toy territory. We're busy planning a Puppy Party for him.


Nolan is still obsessed with all of his toys from Christmas. He got amazing Disney Cars tracks for his car collection, and he carries the tracks all over the house, setting them up in different configurations. I can't tell you how many times I've heard the sentence, "Mommy, I love you because you're so soft." He thinks this is the greatest term of endearment, though I'm not so sure ;)  A friend from church gave him a series of Magic School Bus books, and so I introduced him to the show version of it on Netflix. I'm not sure how much of the science he is understanding, but he loves it! And I laugh to myself because it's something I watched 20 years ago, and I never would have figured he'd like it!


Steve has 166 pages written of his dissertation, and he is close to finishing. He is chipping away a little more each day. And in his "spare" time, he has made a ton of improvement on our first floor bathroom. I can't wait to show you! We are so grateful for the extra-long college Christmas breaks. He will be teaching two classes this semester.

As for me, I've made many New Year's Resolutions to keep myself busy. I know you're not supposed to work on multiple things all at once, but I took the challenge and figured, "Why not try?" So, hopefully with creating some new routines, I'll have a physically and spiritually healthier self this year. We finally got our winter snow a couple of days ago, so it's definitely the month for cozying up inside and brainstorming new ideas to keep little ones entertained :)

Come back tomorrow for some favorites and a GIVEAWAY!

See you then! Xo.


  1. Such darling boys!!!! We're entering some "two" behavior around here too, which actually is more funny than anything at this point. A lot of no, and "THAT MINE!" when the kids want the same toy - oh to be a toddler :)

  2. Love the picture of your three boys working together!! I can't believe your baby is almost two...he really will always be your baby, though! I have two younger brothers and the 16 year old milks being the youngest for all its worth ;)

  3. I still remember you announcing your pregnancy with E. I can't believe he is almost TWO. HOWWWWWWW

  4. Your boys are just so sweet! Their eyes are beautiful!


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