Friday, March 18, 2016

Life at the Zimm House

 It's Friday again, and we are ready for the weekend! The boys have been sick the last couple of days, which means I have barely left the house. Hopefully they are much better today (though Steve and I are feeling some scratchy throats right now).

On Instagram, Astleigh and I have been doing a weekly photo challenge. This week's topic is #coffeedate. Take a photo and share it with us! Just tag our names and #thedarlingdetails, and we will choose one photo to post on our feeds later today :)

The four of us went on a walk the other night, and if you looked really closely, you could see signs of spring! There are tiny little buds on the bushes, and there are several tulips in the backyard!

Blurry, but his expression was so cute!

I made Nolan this math game on Monday. He used gold (pennies) to solve the addition (+2) problems. You could do this with subtraction, or even really easy multiplication as well!

I love how Hammie is tucked into his arm here :)

 Notice that terrible brown paneled wall behind him? #nextonthehouseprojectlist

It's a great milestone when two-year-olds can finally play with Play-Doh without trying to eat it or throw it to the dog! It keeps them busy for a good amount of time. Also, I can't believe how much he looks like Steve here! When those chubby cheeks fade (hopefully not soon), I think he might have Steve's handsome long jawline!

The sweetest smile!!

Doodling an Irish blessing on Wednesday afternoon :)

This boxwood wreath (from Target) has been one of my very favorite home purchases ever. It makes me happy to have green inside our house all year long.

Yesterday, I posted all about our green St. Patrick's Day breakfast! We love making memories with our little guys.

And yesterday afternoon, I attempted to finger-paint rainbows with the boys. Nolan didn't want to use his fingers, he wanted a paintbrush. And Ephraim just wanted to mix and smear paint everywhere :)

You can see part of Nolan's rainbow above, and then he wanted me to help him make a pink heart :)

Quite the artist!

We don't have many plans for this weekend, but our time always flies by. I'm excited for Palm Sunday and seeing the boys wave their palm branches!

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Have a great weekend!


  1. You have the cutest boys, Rachel! So adorable!

  2. Nolan does look like Steve in that picture! Goodness!

    I have that same boxwood wreath and it is also one of my favorite purchases ever! I seriously love it and it makes me so happy!

  3. I love the game that you made for your son- that's an excellent idea! I hope you had a great weekend


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