Friday, March 25, 2016

This Week

Things have been good around here this week. Once we all got over our colds (Steve's was more flu-like), the days went by more smoothly. We are ready for an Easter weekend hanging out with family, dyeing eggs, and remembering that our Jesus won us victory over sin when he rose from the dead. Sunday is coming!

Here are some of our favorite moments and photos from the week:

Nolan is always showing us new things that he's built out of Legos and new configurations he's made with his train sets. He impresses me so much! I love this figure 8 that he made out of his Thomas tracks with all of his cars laid out on it. :)

Chocolate chip cookie baking on one of the last super-chilly days of the year!

On Palm Sunday, Nolan was happy to wave his palm branches down the aisle at church. I tried to get Ephraim to wave his branches, but he literally hid underneath a long coat in the closet. Once all the kids were done, E was willing to walk down the aisle and set his palms down in front of the altar.

I have been receiving some sweet cards and little gifts after our loss at the beginning of the month. I am SO grateful for the happy mail. . . It has made March much brighter for me. My friend Danielle in Chicago sent this one. I have wanted Essie's "Ballet Slippers" for the longest time, and somehow she read my mind, so it was the absolute perfect gift :)

We've been making a lot of Easter crafts and desserts around here. Nolan and I made paper eggs out of colorful strips of pretty scrapbook paper. My mom did this with her 2nd graders, and she had extra for us :)


TV watching faces. This is Ephraim's kissy face, and I hope he keeps it forever. ;)

I trimmed Ephraim's hair, and he looks like such a big boy!

We've had some gorgeous days lately, and many afternoons have been spent digging in the garden. 

Keeping the weeds at bay!

On Wednesday, I shared the Easter decor around our house. Having fresh pink tulips in the house really makes me happy.

We made these cute Milano bunnies the other day!

They were fairly simple to make! First, cut ears out of the sides of thin white muffin wrappers. Melt white chocolate or white Candy Melts. Dip Pepperidge Farm Milanos into the white chocolate. Stick the ears behind their heads. And then add jumbo nonpareils for the eyes and nose!

Yesterday, I pulled the water table out of the basement, and I filled it with 10 pounds of rice. Just like last fall, they LOVE it. And I'm making peace with rice all over the kitchen floor. 

This was Ephraim's face after Daddy scolded him for pouring rice out. :) :)



  1. Hooray for such cute little guys, gorgeous flowers, and sweet treats! Enjoy celebrating our risen Savior this weekend, and always! :) xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  2. Such sweetness in here. Love that rice table - and despite the clean up required it looks like a blast for the boys! Happy Easter to you all!!

  3. Ephraim makes the BEST faces! Have a wonderful Easter!
    Liz @

  4. Happy Easter to you and your family, Rachel! Pretty picture of you with your hair all curly. Careful with all the rice... Have a blessed weekend!

  5. I'm with you on the tulips! An Easter MUST! I went with all lavender this year :)

  6. You have beautiful hair!! And a beautiful family. So nice of your friend to send such a thoughtful gift. The Cadbury eggs are my most favorite candy ever and I really should not have a bag in the house!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!

  7. Oh my Ephraim looks SO much older! So handsome! That is the prettiest shade for nail polish and what a sweet surprise to receive in the mail! I hope you and your family have been doing well <3


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