Friday, October 11, 2013

baby bump: 24 weeks

how far along? 24 weeks!  due January 28th.

how are you measuring? the midwife at my doctor’s office last week said I was measuring right on track. This picture doesn’t make me look very big, but I catch myself in the mirror sometimes and think “wow!”

size of baby: size of a cantaloupe, about 10.5 inches (head to toe) and 1 pound!

heartbeat: 139 bpm last Thursday

total weight gain/loss: + 14 lbs 

maternity clothes:  wearing maternity tanks (shirts still fit) and pants

stretch marks: nope

belly button: same

sleep: I’m fitting in the occasional nap when Nolan naps, and Steve sometimes lets me snooze for a few extra minutes in the mornings :)

movement: He’s definitely an active little baby!

food cravings:  I had Steve go out the other night for Honeycrisp apples, but they’re so darn expensive! Fruit, popcorn, ice cream, cereal, chocolate, the usual. I’m always hungry.

food aversions: no aversions, but I feel like I have to be careful not to overeat things that are too heavy or acidic—especially at night, or it’s difficult to lay down flat.

symptoms I have: tired legs (shins)

comparisons to last pregnancy: It’s just different to already have a child and be pregnant with the second one. I tell Nolan that there’s a baby in my tummy, but then he goes around touching Steve’s tummy and his own tummy, and saying “baby” :)

doctor’s appointment: Last week, my appointment was fine. I met with one of the two midwives (that they just hired), and to be honest, I’m a little unsure that I want to deliver with either of the midwives. I decided on this practice because I liked the doctor, so I’m unsure if I’m allowed to voice this preference?

what I’m looking forward to: Steve started tearing down the old wallpaper in the baby’s room, and so I’m excited to continue prepping it to paint! I’m hoping that Steve, Nolan, and I have a chance to go see friends/family before this baby comes.

IMG_6966 week 24


  1. You are so adorable! Such a cute pregnant lady :) glad you're feeling so well!

  2. I'm pretty sure I wore that green dress, only in a purple, at one of my best friends wedding last month!!

  3. January 28th is my birthday! Best day of the year. :) Fun post!

  4. I think you are certainly allowed to voice your preference. If it isn't an option to have only the doctor as your provider and you feel uncomfortable with the midwives, maybe you (unfortunately) need to reconsider the practice at which you receive your care? I actually just went through similar feelings and when I voiced my opinion/request, it wasn't an option, so I switched offices/providers completely at 28 weeks! I was bummed, but I didn't like the limitations I felt I was under. Good luck! - Brianna


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