Monday, October 21, 2013

life lately

Daddy’s little copycat :)

Nolan and I had Saturday morning breakfast with ladies from church at a restaurant. He loves to feed Mini Ivy whatever he’s having :)

After breakfast, Grandma, Nolan, and I went to the local coffee shop because they were letting kids decorate Halloween cookies.

Our last little sunflower.


Satisfying a craving for chocolate chip cookies. :)

He’s always willing to share food (well, except for those chocolate chip cookies above).

I was so impressed one night when Steve decided to make all the letters of the alphabet out of Duplos. These are just about all of the Duplos Nolan has, so he ran out of viable options for a Q.

Nolan is crazy about letters!


Mini Ivy and her symphony of colors.
Nolan loves to hide Mini places, and then he comes to get me to show me the silly spots that she is in. She’ll be in a basket, under a blanket, sitting on the garbage can lid, hiding in Nolan’s tent, lounging on the windowsill, etc. This week, he’s even more creative—I find Mini on top of the dog’s bone, sleeping on my pillow, sitting next to a pile of goldfish crackers on the floor, or looking over an assortment of paint colors. Do you think he’d enjoy an “Elf on the Shelf” this year??

Playing at the park.

Steve’s parents got a new pool table, and Nolan gets very upset that he’s not allowed to play with the big boys. Major meltdown every time. So Grandma found this tiny pool table in the basement—and he loved it!

Contemplating his next move…

We went to a surprise 30th birthday party for our friend Alex yesterday! We also celebrated that Dr. Alex just successfully defended his dissertation :) Nolan liked the sparkler candles that kept relighting themselves.

With Alyssa, our sweet hostess. :)

Alex gave Nolan the tiniest (real) pumpkins that I’ve ever seen!

I’ll leave you with some views of the fall colors in the countryside.
Wow, right?

life lately


  1. I always love checking out your photos! X and Nolan have the same pj's :) Those pics of Nolan and the lego letters are so cute...minus the Steelers shirt ;) And those photos of the trees are beautiful!

  2. What a fun weekend girl!!! cute pics! Love Katie

  3. Sooooooooo jealous of your Fall views and the duplo letters are INCREDIBLE!!! :)

  4. Wow! Those fall views are absolutely stunning!

  5. Beautiful fall colors! Love that copycat pic :)

  6. Love the beautiful fall colors and that first it!


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