Friday, October 25, 2013

baby bump: 26 weeks

how far along? 26 weeks, due January 28th.

size of baby: size of a head of lettuce, about 13 inches (head to toe) and 2 pounds

heartbeat: 139 bpm (3 weeks ago)

total weight gain/loss: + 16 lbs 

maternity clothes:  I’m wearing mostly maternity now because they’re more comfortable. I inherited some gently used pieces this week that I’m excited about!

stretch marks: nope

belly button: same

sleep: could always use more!

movement: feeling his tiny kicks and punches all day long :)

food cravings:  I am always starving. I eat lunch, and an hour later, I could eat a second lunch. I’ve been baking a lot of chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin sweets.

symptoms I have: My legs were getting too sore and veiny, so I have been wearing compression stockings every day. Also, acid reflux bothers me about every other night.

doctor’s appointment: I have an appointment next week—and the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes.

what I’m looking forward to: Settling 100% on a name (we are close!) Spending the cozy holidays with Stephen and Nolan. Working on house projects before the baby comes. Steve has been so busy that we haven’t made any progress on Nolan’s room or the baby’s room. I’m uncertain if we should get a second crib and let Nolan stay sleeping in his crib, or if we should get Nolan a big boy bed. I am scared that we will open up a can of worms by switching him (that he’ll never take a nap again, that he won’t sleep as well at night, that he’ll fall down the stairs in the middle of the night, etc.) Any advice?


  1. Wish I had some advice to give, sorry I'm no help there! But I do know when I was little and my sister came along, I got a big girl bed and was thrilled. It was a fun older sibling sort of thing.

  2. I agree with Amy. Regarding naps, you or Steve could lay on the floor next to the big boy bed until you knew he was asleep. Celebrate with Nolan that he's a big boy now. Maybe a special little cake for him. If you're upbeat and positive, he will be, too.

  3. You are adorable!! I can't believe your already 26 weeks, holy moly! That little guy will here before ya know it! :)

  4. Love your bump updates! You look great by the way :) Almost makes me wish I were pregnant again ;)

  5. as always, you are looking adorable!

  6. We bought a second crib for almost all the same reasons you are worried about. Right now Pearson has no intentions of climbing out. He loves his crib, he takes awesome naps and never complains to go in. We figured that we would probably be ready to transition him out of it probably around the time the baby is born, but I just didn't want to do that as the same time as the newborn and I didn't want to force him to do something he wasn't ready for. When we found a crib from a friend for $50 that was our decision maker. We didn't feel guilty buying a new crib bc it was cheap. This way Nash can have his own crib and Pearson can transition to a toddler bed (which I really wanted to transition him to anyways before a big boy bed) when he's ready. If it's not until he's 3.5, I am a-okay with that!!! That just means no little boys sneaking into Mommy and Daddy's bed in the morning for quite a while!!

  7. Too cute !! I would definitely not spend more money on a 2nd crib. Nolan is probably ready for a big boy bed... I have heard people starting their little ones in big girl and boy beds at 18-22 months :) If you are talking twin big boy bed you could lay comfortably with him until he's fast asleep and put a gate up at his door or at the top or the stairs for peace of mind. I know these parenting decisions can be hard but listen to your gut ! They are only small once.


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