Monday, October 7, 2013

life lately

Painting for the first time! He loved it!

He wanted Mommy to clean up his hands periodically.

What Mommy made with the paints :)  Since he knows all his letters, it’s time to learn numbers, too!

I didn’t catch this picture until he was trying to escape, but he was holding the baby doll so sweetly!

Photo by Nolan.

Hanging out in one of his new tents from Shari & Joe!

We got a great package from our family in Nebraska! In it were two awesome trains!! I love the little birthday card here from Donovan :)

An attempt at homemade bread. It never rose the way it should have, but it was tasty.

The former owners of this house tried to grow cantaloupe, but this is the wrong climate for melons. These were so small, but pretty!

Playing in the leaves while Daddy raked them.

Always trying to run out of my pictures :)

Life is just better with chocolate chip pancakes.

We fed some bread crumbs to ducks at the park. So fun!

Finally getting some work done on the overgrown garden outside. We didn’t bother it until now because we weren’t sure what was weeds and what was veggies. I’m fairly certain that everything in this photo is weeds.

I made my Aunt Tina’s recipe for a corn flake chicken with cheese and hashbrowns. It was really delicious!

My friend Meghan, Nolan, and I drove north to see some elk on Friday night. Nolan and I had tried to find elk on his birthday a month ago, but it was raining. This time, we had no luck seeing any at the viewing center, but as we were driving home, we encountered a huge group of them congregated on someone’s lawn!

My mom often has deer in her yard, which has been crazy for this city girl to see. But I can’t even imagine looking out your window to all of these giant elk in your yard!

Nolan was pretty unfazed by the elk.

Yesterday we celebrated our niece Abby’s 9th birthday. Nolan helped his cousin blow out the candles. :)

And then we enjoyed some Dairy Queen ice cream cake.

Loved this homemade card that Abby received! I need to figure out how to make it :)

Fall leaves. We’re about to hit the peak in the colors soon, and I’ll have to get some good photos of that out in the country. It was in the 80s this weekend—a nice last taste of summer—but maybe a little too hot for October!


  1. Wow you all have been busy! I love all the painting pictures and the one with him in the leaves is precious! You'll have to share the recipe for that corn flake chicken, cheese and hashbrowns, sounds delicious! And those are some huge elk! Whoa!!! Glad they weren't on your lawn!

  2. I love how hard he is concentrating as he paints! And that card is seriously the cutest, can't believe its diy!

  3. Very nice pictures Rachel thanks for the pictures of Abby.


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