Monday, April 21, 2014



Happy Easter!!

Our weekend consisted of non-stop family time, beautiful weather, overflowing Easter baskets, and time spent reflecting on Jesus’ incredible resurrection.

Steve’s brother Phil and his family stayed with us the past few nights, and it’s been fun to share this big old house with another family of four :) Nolan and his two little girl cousins have limitless energy, and they wear us out, that’s for sure!

Nolan lucked out with an Easter basket from Mommy & Daddy, and two other Easter baskets from grandmas & grandpas. He now has “Frozen”, “Veggies in Space” a VeggieTales parody of Star Trek, Play-Doh, tons of bubbles, Color Wonder, new summer sandals, and plenty of candy. Lucky, right? :)

Little Ephraim spent Easter weekend clinging to his mommy while wearing the cutest baby outfits known to man. What a sweet, sweet baby he is!

Hope that you had a wonderful Easter weekend!!


  1. So cute! You know I'm a sucker for colored pants :)

  2. Looks like you had a lovely Easter! Little ephraims eyes are just gorgeous!

  3. beautiful family! love the outfits and the pictures! What a great easter :)

  4. What a wonderful Easter weekend! E looks like a like man in those clothes! Too cute :)


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