Monday, April 7, 2014

life lately

  This weekend, we spent a lot of time trying to spruce up this old house for spring. We peeled away some old curtains and plastic window covers to let in warm rays of sunshine. The furniture in our play room was rearranged, making better use of the space we have. I worked on Easter decor for the mantel while Steve did some electrical work. My chores are difficult since I am always holding a baby, but I somehow managed five loads of laundry and some light cleaning and organizing.

Ephraim and I attended a “Thirty-One Gifts”party on Friday. It was my first time being out past ten in forever, and it was a lot of fun to buy new bags and eat delicious tiramisu with friends. :)

Nolan thoroughly enjoyed a game night at church on Saturday. He ran around like a wild man, stuffed his mouth with grapes and strawberries, laughed at the big kids, played Play-Doh, and tossed around a ping-pong ball with his dad. His energy level is something else!

Last Tuesday, I took Ephraim to his 2-month doctor’s appointment. I figured that he was about 10 or 10.5 pounds like Nolan was at this point, but I was taken aback when he weighed in at over 12 pounds! That’s a gain of 5 pounds since birth! I am so happy that he’s getting enough to eat, and that he’s very content.

I am exhausted at the end of every day, but it’s a good tired knowing that I am giving my all to the three guys whom I love so immensely.

Hope your weekend was relaxing!!


  1. I am so not looking forward to folding laundry post baby! LOl good for you for getting five loads done - I mean by any means that's impressive! And isn't thirty-one the best???? I have a friend who is a consultant and it takes a lot for me not to purchase the entire catalog every time she sends me one! Yay for a happy healthy - and big - baby boy! He's just precious!

  2. So glad to see you had a bit of an adult evening out :) And who can resist tiramisu?! Love it!

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend! I can't believe how fast they grow! Your littles are so adorable. :) keep up the good work, lady!

  4. Your pictures always look so gorgeous. The lighting is amazing in them. Of course, you have wonderful subjects as well :)

  5. Your boys are such handsome little guys! Great pictures. I love thirty one bags! I feel like I use them for everything. :)


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