Thursday, April 17, 2014

throwback to Easter 1990

I want to share three of my very favorite pictures.

This first photo is my dad, Bruce, with my sister, Hannah (age 6) and me (age 2.5). We’re in our backyard in Chicago on a beautiful Easter morning. We lost my dad about a year later, and Hannah passed away at 17, making these Daddy & daughter photos very rare, and extremely special.

We headed over to my grandparents’ house in Portage, Indiana for dinner and the annual Easter egg hunt. My grandparents would hide numbered eggs—you could only find one egg of each number—so that all of us would get the same amount of eggs, with similar prizes inside.
My grandma liked to line up the six cousins into age order for a photo—we are all about a year apart!
Kara (8), Zac (turning 7), Hannah (6), Lindsay (5), Dayna (turning 4), and me (almost 3).

We had a studio photo taken as well!

Kara owns a clothing shop in Brooklyn, New York.
Zac is married and lives in Indianapolis.
His sister Dayna is married with two little kids in Houston.
And Lindsay (bottom right) is married, lives in Illinois, and just had her first baby in January. Her Tristan is five days older than my Ephraim! :)

I can’t wait for the next time we can be together, since it’s very few and far-between.
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  1. Your boys look so much like your sister!!!! Loved this post :)

  2. I always love looking back on old pictures! I was thinking the same thing too as the previous comment- your boys look just like your sister!

  3. I love old pictures! It's always so fun to look back and reminisce.

  4. I love the old photos! What great memories!
    I can't get over how much Nolan looks like your sister in those first couple photos :)

  5. These are so sweet - I love the picture of you, your sister and your dad! Such a precious moment captured in time!

  6. hahahaha! The second pictures cracks me up!!! I remember wearing clothes like that on easter Sunday's, too. It was all about frilly dresses and cute little shoes! :)

  7. What wonderful memories!!! Cousins are truly the best! I am intrigued by the numbered egg system. I would never think to do that! Lastly, nothing like an Olan Mills portrait.


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