Tuesday, April 15, 2014

our family room & easter decor

Welcome to our family room, decorated for Easter!

To start, I want to share that we are renters. Steve is in his fifth year of post-college studies (working hard now on his doctoral dissertation), so we aren’t in our forever-home yet. We moved in last summer, and we are in the unique position that we’re allowed to make changes and updates to the house while we are here to increase the house’s value :) Oh, and it was built in 1920, so it has a TON of character.

I’m linking up with Andrea for the “Come On In” series. I can’t wait to share more of our house over the next several months!

We love these bay windows. They are beautiful when the morning light comes streaming in!

We haven’t done much to this room since we moved in. Steve sanded and refinished the hardwood floors, as he did for the whole house. Last week, he did a little bit of electrical work by the TV. The house still has some knob and tube wiring, so replacing that will be a big job. Someday we will have to give these walls a fresh coat of paint. :)

I cut this fabric bunting from a large piece of white eyelet cotton. I left the strips unfinished to give them a frayed look, and then I tied them onto a piece of jute twine. The white fabric reminds me so much of the Easter story and the linens that Jesus’ body was wrapped in. Peter and another disciple went into the tomb on Easter morning and found the strips of linen lying there, and they then believed that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Pastel Easter candy makes for an easy, colorful display :)
My Christ is Risen free printable 

The paper straws are from Target.

My favorite Easter candy—(extra delicious when baked as Cadbury mini egg blondies!)

I’ve started collecting these white glass pieces from Goodwill. The vases I just picked up on Saturday. :)
Spring has Sprung free print

We have Ephraim’s dresser in the room (and a changing table not pictured). It is SO helpful to be able to change him on first floor. Also, I love how many windows this room has!

We have our DIY Resurrection Eggs displayed on the dresser, as well as a table runner I sewed last year.

  I made some Easter gift bags with these adorable Shabby Chic Bunnies.

Hope you enjoyed this little tour :)

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  1. Your family room has SO much character!!! That big window....LOVE!!

  2. I've always had a 'thing' for bay windows and yours is no exception. Love! And your Easter decorations are adorable! Thanks for sharing!
    x Dani

  3. I LOVE your built ins and all the great moldings in your house. Your Easter decorations are adorable too.

  4. Beautiful decorations Rachel. I'm printing the spring as sprung it will look great with my new living room design : )

  5. Love the candy decor!!! I may have to borrow that idea next year!

  6. I love your house! I grew up in a 20's house and would love to live in an old house again. Our current house was built in the 50's and doesn't have much character. I don't think we'll stay there forever :)

  7. I love all the windows in your room, especially the bay window! I love your decorations too! I didn't get around to decorating for Easter this year, but maybe once we start having kids I'll have more of a reason to do so :)

  8. What a lovely house, with so much light! You have done a great job decorating for Easter. Very sweet!

  9. I love the character in old homes! And your Easter decor is very nice :)

  10. Love the built-ins, what I would give for those in our house! Sometimes the newer homes just do not have the character and personality of older ones.

  11. I love your windows!!! They add so much great light!

  12. Gorgeous bay windows! I love the drapes you picked. They made your window look simply divine. Those simple DIY decor accents you did for Easter look absolutely adorable. I love it! Thanks for sharing those decor inspirations! Cheers!

    Bob Ward @ Allure Treatments


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