Thursday, April 30, 2015

A 15-Month-Old and His Pancakes

There are so many things that I don’t want to forget about my babies. And somehow this baby is now 15 months-old! I suppose I have to start calling Ephraim a toddler soon. I want to remember the details about my boys at every stage. What they looked like with their chubby baby cheeks, how they smelled of lavender soap and sunscreen, which toys they were attached to, and what they liked to eat.

These are the posts that are going to be the most meaningful to me when I look back at my blog.

I’m not a great meal planner, so when five ‘o clock rolls around some nights, we resort to pancakes. It’s a win-win though, since everyone in our family is pretty crazy about pancakes, often of the chocolate chip variety.

So here’s a little photo show of Ephraim and his love of pancakes while I talk about some of the things he’s up to at 15 MONTHS :)

+ He has the absolute best blue eyes. Add in his cute little smile, and he can melt any stranger’s heart!

+ He tends to be shy when we are in big groups of people.

+ He had a hard time transitioning to milk. Eventually I realized he would drink skim, since it was closer to water. Gradually, we’ve worked our way up to whole milk, and now he loves it!

+ Ephraim can eat more than Nolan. We’re starting to do things like make two boxes of macaroni and double the pancake recipe. And there aren’t many leftovers on spaghetti and pizza night!

+ When he’s done eating, and I ask him “All done?”, he grabs his shirt or bib and pulls at it.

+ We’ve moved up to size 4 diapers. He’s still pretty short, so he can fit in 12 month pants, but we’ve transitioned to 18 month clothes.

+ E hates diaper changes. He twists and kicks and cries. I found that playing him his favorite song, “My Lighthouse” will quiet him down.

+ Speaking of “My Lighthouse”, he claps all day long to signal to me that he wants to listen to it. Or he’ll get the TV remote to ask me to play him Rend Collective or Tenth Avenue North music videos. He has no interest in TV unless it is a song.

+ Ephraim loves his pacis. He still finds comfort in nursing if he wakes up in the middle of the night. He only nurses in those early morning hours, and at night before he goes to bed.

+ He is the LIGHTEST sleeper. Any creak of the floors when Steve and I are trying to get ready for bed and that boy is wide awake.

+ The dog’s water dish is a huge temptation for him, despite all of the lessons we’ve had about it. He gets so excited when we feed Ivy because he wants to play with her food and help her eat. He likes to give her treats, but he’ll tease her and run away with them.

+ When Ephraim wakes up in the morning and after naps, he’s not a happy little guy. He rolls around in his crib like he isn’t ready to be out of bed yet. (He gets this from me.)

+ He knows what toys are most special to Nolan (hello Hammie), and gets extra excited to find them. If Nolan tries to take the toys away, E sometimes bites him! Nolan was never a biter, so this is new territory.

+ He’s been in his big boy carseat for a month or two now, and even though it’s nice and roomy, I still miss that we can’t carry him inside in it when he falls asleep in the car.

+ Ephraim brings us little board books all day long, specifically “Clifford’s Animal Sounds”, “Clifford’s Peekaboo”, and “Jesus Loves the Little Children”. He seeks them out on the bookshelf and gets so excited to read them!

+ He is babbling a lot as if he thinks he’s telling us something. He hasn’t started using real words yet, though we know he’s said “Daddy”, “Ivy”, “Cookie”, “Cheese” at least once.

+ E throws some pretty terrible fits about food—like if we give him yogurt but don’t let him feed himself. He gets really mad when he wants something that he can’t have.

+ He loves to eat BANANAS, strawberries, pizza, bread, chocolate anything, oatmeal, cheese sticks, saltine crackers, squeezie applesauces.

+ Naptime is typically at 11 am and 3 pm, but he’s starting to transition to taking one extra long nap at 11.

Some days can get really long, but most of the time, this guy is so fun and full of love!


  1. He is so cute! Those eyes!! I have an almost 15mo old & can relate with so much of this :) it's such a fun age!

  2. he's so cute!!! his eyes are gorgeous! ♥

  3. He is absolutely adorable! My daughter (my first and only so far) will be 15 months old tomorrow. I really enjoy reading about your adventures in motherhood. My daughter also hates having her diaper changed. I'll have to try playing her a song to see if it helps. It definitely can't hurt! Thank you so much for opening your life up to us!

  4. He's too cute! I love the first picture. Happy 15 months!


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