Monday, July 13, 2015

Family Camp || Cousin Photos & A Slip N Slide

We got home on Saturday night from our very full week of family camp! We are happy to be home to sleep in our own beds, but also sad to part ways with the family and friends we bonded with at camp.

The internet was a tad spotty in our cabin, so uploading photos (in the dark while the boys slept) was a little tough. But here are the rest of the photos from Thursday and Friday--some of them are my very favorites from the week!

Our eight-month-old niece, M, was the happiest baby all week. She would easily fall asleep in her daddy's arms during chapel, she didn't need many toys to keep her entertained, and she was content to be held all the time!

We attempted to get a group photo of our boys, their cousins, and our friends' kids. But with four of them being under two-years-old, it proved an impossible task! :)

We tried to get a photo of these five cousins. It worked a little better this time!

For a few shots, anyway ;)

 We were so glad to see the sun on Friday, and the camp staff pulled out the Slip N Slide for some afternoon fun. The kids had a blast! Steve tried to take Ephraim down on his lap, but E was not having it.

Last trip to the canteen for a snack!

I was happy to see my name in black spray paint still gracing the walls of the boating shed :)

Steve and Nolan decided to take out a paddleboat for one last hurrah on the lake.

Ah! So sweet!!

He wanted to take the life jacket home with him.

And after supper (and a bit of dinner theater), we gathered for a group photo with all of Steve's family!

And we gave one last try for a good cousins shot. (Ages 10, 4, 3, 3, 1, and 0.)

Peeking out of the slide!!

These are our long-time camp buddies! My brother-in-law Phil was camp's Program Director for the summer of 2005, Brian in 2006, Steve in 2008, and Eric in 2009. They had so much fun reliving their glory days!

Such great memories were made this week! I'm so grateful for the summer days we spent on the lake, and we hope to return again soon!


  1. Love this post!!! So many wonderful memories at that place. :)

  2. What a fun time! Love all the pix of the kids...too cute even if they are not perfect!

  3. It looks like you had such a great time! What a beautiful, fun place!


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