Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family Camp | Day 1

This morning, I am writing to you from family camp! On Sunday after church, we packed up what-seemed-like our entire house, threw it all in the car, and headed up to the lake! This is our third annual vacation here with Steve's side of the family, and we have been ready for both fun and relaxation! Our first full day yesterday was a wonderful success--our boys are having the time of their lives and making some great memories with their cousins and new friends. Steve and I both enjoy reminiscing about how we fell in love here in 2007. And we are thrilled about not having to cook or do dishes and laundry for a week :)

Monday started off with a laugh. Nolan woke up at five to go to the bathroom, and afterwards, he wandered into an adjoining cabin, and tried to hop in one of their bunks. After coaxing him back into the room for a little more sleep, we headed to a hearty breakfast of oatmeal, eggs, and bacon in the dining hall. We have a daily worship service in the morning, and the pastor is sharing with us how to thrive on Jesus, and not just survive the day-to-day routines.

Family camp typically falls over the Fourth of July, but this year the Fourth was a Saturday, and camp didn't start until Sunday. They decided to make up for it by doing the annual parade later--on the 6th of July. :)  The kids were excited to get their faces painted and throw candy to the crowd of adoring parents and grandparents!

My little guy sitting on the wagon ^^

Our sweet niece, K ^^

The cousins happened to match in bright blue yesterday!

After lunch, Ephraim and I headed back to the cabin to get him a nap, and he basically slept the whole afternoon! Steve and I traded off between staying with him in the cabin and playing with Nolan outside. We climbed around the playground, got snacks at the canteen, and dug waterways in the sand at the beach :) 

As the warm day started to cool off, we recharged with a filling dinner of meat and potatoes, and then the kids played in the sandbox outside our cabin.

Cousins that look alike with their blonde hair and blue eyes ^^

We haven't seen our baby niece M since Christmas, and now she's a happy and smiley eight-month-old!

 I was reading my "Jesus Calling" devotional, and thought this was super appropriate for this week. My first goal for these days away from home is to push aside the distractions and really focus on spending time with God. This truly is holy ground here at camp! :)

Be back tomorrow with the photos I take today!


  1. Such a great idea! Love the pictures and hearing the stories, excited for the rest of the week!


  2. Such sweet pictures! Hope you 4 are having the best time :)

  3. That's so sweet you guys fell in love there and are now bringing your two boys back! Full circle, I love it :)

    Looks like such a fun parade!

  4. sounds like you're having a wonderful time - restorative, love and fun with family and friends, and worshipping in those beautiful surroundings!

  5. What?! Family camp sounds awesome! When I have kids I totally want to do something like this, both so I get to relive summer camp glory days and so I get to see my kids having fun doing it!

  6. Ah wish you had some pictures of Abby.


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