Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Family Camp | Day Two

Yesterday was a lot of fun, despite a few torrential downpours. On the lake, it seems that the sky fluctuates between sunshine and rain every morning and afternoon. We started off the day with a breakfast of waffles and fancy toppings, and another chapel session. For the last hour of the morning, we were given choices of seminars. We ended up in the gym for a kid-friendly dance seminar. The counselors cranked up some loud tunes, and taught the kids some sweet moves like The Carlton, The Shopping Cart, and the Q-Tip ;)

After lunch, Ephraim and I laid down for a nap in the cabin, and the rest of our extended family headed down to the beach. When E woke up, I changed him into his swimsuit and grabbed the camera, but the second we stepped out on the porch, it started drizzling. Instead of the beach, we met up with everyone at the canteen for a snack.


It continued to rain off and on all night, so we did some more indoor activities.

Camp has a brand new sports pavilion for playing pickle ball in the summer, and broomball and ice hockey in the winter. We checked it out last night for some pickle ball. We had the place to ourselves, and the kids had a blast!

I asked for a posed photo, and got this ^^   :) 

They always seem to find the puddles!

Camp has been building a new pool this year, and we were hoping it would be done for this week, but unfortunately, it's had a few hang-ups. We'll be excited for it next year, though! 

 In the same way, last year, we watched the maintenance guys work on a playground, and it's been an awesome addition for our little ones this summer!

Hopefully it's not so rainy today, and I'll have the camera ready! :) Have a good one!


  1. Rainy days are perfect for snuggling. :)

    Your waffle looks delicious. Glad you're all having so much fun!

  2. Looks like you guys are having a blast!

  3. Wow looks like so much fun!!! Reminds me of my old summer camp days!!


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